Arkansas vs. Mizzou

Besides, I only mentioned it on Gafford, not the whole game anyway.

I don’t know, I thought Tilmon has gone over the back on Hall twice and it hasn’t been called.

There’s been quite a few calls that make me question if these refs are calling two different games, BUT, we’re shooting ourselves in the foot too much. We’re missing easy shots and then making bad rotations on defense.

I don’t disagree. We have made some bad plays, but I do think the refs share some blame

Even the announcers agree these are bad calls.

Now tell me that foul on Barford was a foul.

Can you say travel on the rebound?

The deciding factor was 33 FT’s for Mizzou and 15 for Arkansas. Both shot really well from the line, Mizzou just got more chances and won because of it.

I’m honestly not surprised. I thought this wouldn’t be a good game for us because it was senior night and mizzou would be hyped up. I’m just surprised they didn’t sell out. Lots of empty seats.

Again, too many missed opportunities and sloppy play didn’t help either.

In the grand scheme of things, this game doesn’t hurt us at all. We are still in the NCAA tourney. Our RPI and BPI will still be high. Every SEC road team has lost today. We’ll finish higher than we were predicted again. The only negative is we don’t get a double bye, but there’s worse things in life.

Well, ACTUALLY, we were picked to finish 6th. We are 6th

There’s a 3 way tie for 4th place, and we have the same record as Kentucky, so Kentucky gets the 4th place bid. We have the same SEC record also with Mizzou, but have the better overall record and a split series, so I believe that Arkansas would claim 5th.

No, because of tiebreakers, we are the sixth seed in the tournament, that makes us 6th overall.

Ah, just looked it up, you’re right. Oh well, we still did better than people thought a month ago. Log jam problems.

Never know which team you are going to be watching when you turn the TV on. I blame that on the coaching. I hate to think we will be watching the same kind of unprepared team again next year and for how many more years I don’t know. I can’t believe that some people think this team can win anything in the tourney!!! I would probably bet they lose the first game in the SEC tourney if I were a betting person.

Then follow someone else. Anderson is staying, get over it.

General did you look at the box score? After I watched the game again it was easy to see how many times the refs just didn’t blow the whistle with the hogs on offense but when the same type of play happened on the other end they would make the call!
The hogs did commit some silly fouls 90 feet from the basket, and at the end of the shot clock. The walk called aginst Macon was no different from the multiple times Porter and Tillman took several steps. Ugly game and too many mistakes to win.
Free throws beat the hogs!

The travels and steals from behind were the most obvious calls made against us that were questionable. There were at least 3 times we poked the ball from behind a Mizzou player who was just holding the ball out begging our men to do it, and they called a foul almost every time. The travel calls on Beard and Barford were travels, but you’re right, the one on Macon was ridiculous. The flip side, the most obvious how did you miss that, was a rebound by Puryear, he was tip toeing by the out of bounds line and took 5, not 3, 5 steps without dribbling and no call was made.

The fact is the hand check rules came into play a lot last night and I hate the hand check rule because it’s totally subjective to individual refs. The problem last night was Mizzou tended to get away with hand checks a lot, where Arkansas was getting a call blown against them pretty consistently. I’m not saying by rule Arkansas wasn’t hand checking, but even the announcers pointed out numerous times Mizzou was doing the same thing and not getting a call.

Like I said, the game was being played fairly even. One side was doing something better than the other, but the other team was doing something else to counter act what the other team was doing. Mizzou being at home probably would have won anyway, but who knows.

This is something Jimmy Dykes said earlier this season. Every call is reviewed by the league office. 97% of them are correct calls (I.e. AR hand checking). The issue I have is the no calls, they aren’t reviewed (MO traveling). Is there a way to review every play? Is that something the league office should consider in the future. Home cooking was supposed to be down this year, and in a way it was. If we were the visiting team, it seemed like we got screwed by benefit of home cooking, but when we were at home the refs tended to go the extra mile to ensure home cooking didn’t occur.

It’s been 24 years since our Hogs shocked the college basketball blue bloods and Duke to win our one and only National Championship. The 40 minutes of Hell was a pressing defense with much hand checking done in order to create turnovers and after that successful championship season the NCAA implemented the “Arkansas rule”, basically no more hand checking. The establishment was not going to allow a program like Arkansas to ever again beat the likes of Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, Kansas, UCLA the way it did in 1994.
The problem that I have is 24 years later we are still hand checking 90 feet away from the basket and therefore getting into foul trouble early in halves which has led to more free throws for our opponent in many games this season.
Everyone including the refs no we have this reputation so, some officiating crews will call it tight with us. Other than Gafford, our 3 seniors down in the block are poor defenders and rebounders so they tend to foul quite a bit when the opponent gets the ball in the post.
We will have a very difficult time matching up against teams that have multiple legit low post players.
If not for poor officiating this year I believe some of you think the Hogs could have been SEC champs, I’m not one of you.
I’m hoping for at least two wins in St. Louis, anything less won’t do much for my confidence that they can win more than 1 game in the Big Dance.

Go Hogs!

Many Hog fans are whiners and want to point a finger at the Refs after a loss,yet hardly ever complain after a win. Refs are going to miss calls and make mistakes but I guarantee they make fewer than the players by a long shot. I think it’s high time we as a program and fan base take responsibility for the loss and move on and improve our play. Losers complain and winners explain ! Senior night at BWA I never heard a complaint so I assume the refs were near perfect, hardly. WPS

I also notice after a win, certain posters avoid the board

Yes that seems to be the case, I believe in giving praise where it’s due but also doing the same when the shoes on the other foot. I got off my rebounding kick or lack of because we have done a pretty good job when in position, our defensive scheme does not promote rebounding opportunities for our bigs because opposing coaches have figured out how to rotate the players and get our bigs 25 ft from the rim and that is not the players fault. My biggest complaint covers our seniors other than Trey and that’s shot selection and turnovers, we put up to many bad shots, walk and make to bad passes for a senior laden team i my opinion. Hopefully we have several games to play and we have the talent to make a run and I wish them the best for them and the hard work they have put in and hope they look internally and realize as a team it’s now time for them as a team. We have a good group of guys that seem to get along well and coaches that have run a good clean program, we always want more, but I’m proud of their accomplishments ! WPS