Arkansas vs. Kentucky

This will be a tough game but a very winnable game.

Kentucky is big and athletic.

Their excellent rebounders and shoot a very good FG%.

Their downside is they are easily frustrated and thrown off their game by aggressive teams. And even Calipari said it, they don’t trust one another. They all want to get to the NBA and want to get NBA numbers to get drafted. They are a collection of very good players on a team, but they aren’t a team.

We have got to take away second chance baskets. They live and die by crashing the boards and getting second chance shots. We have got to take those away.

Gafford is going to need help down low against Kentucky, so our 4’s have got to get in there and help when he get double teamed. Everybody else just needs to keep building on what their already doing and fans need to show up in force like they’ve been doing.

We win this game and we are almost a guaranteed lock to make the NCAA tournament. This is a big one.

Kentucky is like s shark smelling blood in the water and if we spot them 10 or 12 points early we will be in deep trouble quick. We have to have a big game from Thomas,Hall,Osabuohien and Thompson on the boards and defense and by not taking poor shots. Our scoring will take care of its self, but we can’t let the Cats get out and start running and shooting lay ups. There ‘will’ be a lot of fouls called in this game and very well could be won from the line and the team with the least amount of fouled out starters should prevail, but as I said earlier we have to keep the game close the first 8 minutes and get settled in to our game. WPS

New brackets have come out and Jerry Palm has us as an 8 seed, which is where I thought we’d be(I was thinking 9 by numbers). Joe Lunardi has us a 10 seed, moving up only 1 spot. I think that’s low based on the numbers but still solidly in the tourney at the moment.

What frustrates me with Lunardi is he’s still giving certain teams a pass eventhough they are playing like garbage right now. He still has Florida a 6 seed, which is where he had them last week before they lost to RPI 66 Georgia. Florida has a 63 RPI and 61 BPI and he has them a 6 seed. We have a 25 RPI and 45 BPI, yet we are a 10 seed. I don’t know what math he’s using, but it sucks.

Bracket Matrix that Swine talks about has 77 total brackets figured. They have both of us (AR and FL) listed as an 8 seed, but AR is listed on all 77 brackets, FL is listed on 75.

Here is the list:

Lunardi left the hogs a 10 seed but moved them from Dallas to Detroit. Swine had mentioned it’s the number of Q-1 wins where we are coming up short. Minnesota dropping like a bad habit!
In my opinion I think the hogs loss at Houston is the game they needed as it has turned out!
Stop Knox from scoring and we beat Kentucky. They struggle from the arc so they will attack the rim. We should be able to out rebound them in the Bud. I look at it this way we have our rebounded our last 4 opponents and by beating A&M on the glass that’s the best rebounding team in the SEC! I think the hogs beat Kentucky by 20!

I think we beat KY, but don’t let our performance against aTm affect your thinking. Or should I say I hope AR isn’t thinking that way. Underestimate KY and rebounding and they’ll kill us. Have to attack them just like we did against aTm.

As for the quadrants. One of the AR media guys posted quadrant wins and losses on Twitter. We are undefeated in Quadrants 3 & 4. That’s the “bad” loss area. We also have more losses than wins in quadrants 1 & 2. Not necessarily a good thing, but these last four games can completely change the outcome of Quadrant 1 & 2. I believe if we win all four, they’ll all be considered Quadrant 1 wins.

I think your right about these last 4 games!
All 4 would be Q-1 wins. I just hate Kentucky so bad that it hurts to give them a game. The hogs backed themselves in a little hole in the conference schedule! The
2 losses to LSU and the one to Moo U.
What’s so crazy is if the hogs can win these last 4 games it’s possible to actually win the conference race. But for sure the 2 or 3 spot. I just want the hogs to beat Kentucky tomorrow.

Correct. They’re all Quadrant 1.

Anybody actually going to the game?

I’m babysitting and watching at home while the rest of the crowd can go. They left about 1. Granpa duties are a lot of fun. They know the hog call. We will have popcorn and ice cream if they eat well at dinner!

If we could only choose one more game to win this season, this one against UK is the one for me. I’ve had to endure the UK fans over the past 18 plus years every season and I honestly can’t stand them. I’ve had to endure the resurgence of their program under Callipari and all of those final fours and the championship, as well as having their coach come to our state and poach both Archie Goodwin and Malik Monk, both of whom would have been better served to play several years as Hogs rather than being talked into being one and done players that will be in and out of the NBA throughout their careers. I really want to win our Hogs to win this one tonight and start getting some respect from the Joe Lunardi’s of the world over Texas A&M, Missouri, Kentucky, Oklahoma and other teams that are currently loosing more than winning yet are perceived to be seeded higher than us in the Tournament.
We have an opportunity to make a statement tonight, so I hope and pray they get it done.

Go Hogs!

Hogs, came out hot from 3 point line, built a double digit lead and eventually allowed UK to get several 2nd chance points to get back in the flow of the game and actually take a lead. Hogs need to finish the half strong, I’m afraid if we lose the lead at halftime it could really deflate the momentum and confidence.
We will have to knock them out, UK is used to playing in tough environments, it’s nothing new to them and now we end the half tied.
Better buckle up, it’s going to be tough to get this win which could be huge for our confidence for the rest of the season.

Go Hogs!

That last play of the half may have gave us back some momentum

Hogs are in trouble!!! They will lose this game because Cats are just too tall and lengthy.
I hope this don’t start slump for the rest of the season.

Hogs are done. They will lose out and have to win the SEC tournament to get to the Big
Dance. UK with too much talent and the Hogs wore themselves out in the first half with their pressing D that don’t do much for them. There is always next year. Seems we hear that a lot.

They will beat Auburn and misery

Rare game I had to miss. Work put me in overtime. Thompson killed our defense doubling up too many times and giving up alley oop dunks at least 5 times.

These announcers are pissing me off with their “they were down 11” talk. Yeah, 11 with 38 minutes to go. It’s not like it was with 2 minutes remaining.

Kentucky was just hot tonight. Last 8 minutes we can’t buy a bucket.

I don’t know about misery, but I think we can beat Auburn now with their depleted big men.

I’m just sick, this isn’t by far the best UK team and they have come back at BWA and with 6:00 left to play have out scored us by 25 points since our 11-0 start, very disappointing performance.
If something doesn’t change quick we will get blown out at home!
Now 3:00 down 15, just a matter of how much we lose by.
This team may still probably make the Tournament, but what can we expect realistically when we get there, perhaps win 1 game and then run into a blue blood and exit stage left? Probably!
At Alabama, Auburn at Home and finish at Missouri appears to be about .500 conference season as I have said all season.
Kentucky is plus 30 in bench scoring, we got absolutely nothing from CJ Jones and got beaten on the boards horribly.
At this point I just hope they can get to at lest .500 which isn’t going to be easy.
I’ll get my usual dogging at work again tomorrow after their Cats come into our house and win easily. Sucks bad to be a Hog fan living In Kentucky!

Go Hogs!

Well, this sucked.

I was afraid this would happen with Kentucky.

Simple fact is they couldn’t miss and we couldn’t buy anything. Thompson alone killed a lot of our defense. I don’t mean to be mean to a single player, but that’s what it is. We didn’t take away the offense rebound put backs and a team that struggles at the line made 85% of their FT’s. All there is to it.

I said from the get go that Alabama was going to be the most crucial game and now it definitely is. We beat Bama, we are a lock to make the tourney.

And before someone says it, no, this game isn’t going to kill our tourney hopes. Losing at home sucks, but losing to an RPI 18 school isn’t going to hurt our RPI much at all. Almost every home team lost tonight and Ole Miss and Mizzou are going to overtime.

We are still a good team making our way. Our bench was almost useless tonight. Our presence down low was ok, but Gafford couldn’t get good shots.

We can rebound from this. I know they can and they will. Bama will be tough and they are Arkansas tough this year at home, but we can beat them.