Arkansas vs. Kentucky

A&M lost at home, Mizzou just lost at home, and Arkansas lost at home. The only team that didn’t lose at home was LSU.

Not an excuse, but it just shows how deep our league is and how good we are to win the vast majority of our games at home.

General tomorrow night the hogs need help! Auburn needs to beat Alabama and
Vols need to beat Florida.
Or we may be playing for 5 to 7 the place.

The only one who can help Arkansas right now is Arkansas. The only team that needs to probably keep losing right now is Florida because the pundits seem to be ridiculously obsessed with giving them a pass on a mediocre season with bad losses.

Arkansas just needs to win at least one, but it’d be great if Arkansas can beat both Alabama and Auburn.

I’m pretty shocked. Our RPI from last night dropped from 25 to 34. Other than it being a home lose, I don’t see how on God’s green earth we drop 9 points to a top 20 RPI team.

How far is going to drop with 3 more loses? Hogs will finish the year in a slump, just look how the season has gone. I have no faith with MA at the helm.

General let’s call this what it is, we start four seniors two who were the top Juco players and have one of the top freshman in the country and a senior big man coming off the bench and we are in a position that you feel we need to beat Alabama to be a lock for the tournament,frankly I’m disappointed. Last night we witnessed why we get very little respect from the national media as we were stifled by a average team by Kentucky standards and dropped in the ranks quickly. I’m of the opinion that if your starting team is senior laden and as a coach all these players are guys you recruited and the season is winding down and you have the possibility of not making the tournament it “may” be time to evaluate your scheme and assistant coaches. For the last couple weeks I bought in and started drinking the kool-aid that this team was coming around and would be tough down the stretch but I’m not so sure after being exposed as we were last night. Also I think this loss has very little to do with Trey Thompson, we knee coming in Trey couldn’t run with these guys and when our guards got beat off the dribble Trey done what he was supposed to do and that was pick up the guy driving the ball. Not trying to be a downer but it seems I woke this morning without my rose colored glasses on, we are not out of this by any means but we are on the mat dazed and the referee is on the five count and we need to get up and start swinging ! WPS

On the road to Bama and Mizzou, not very much, or at least it shouldn’t. Arkansas, Bama, and Mizzou have similar RPI’s, so by math, if we were to lose to both, we shouldn’t drop much at all. If we lose to Auburn, apparently home loses drop you significantly. Mizzou dropped 16 points after last nights loss to Ole Miss, but it’s Ole Miss, so I understand. I still don’t get how we dropped 9 points.

If we lose to Auburn, it “shouldn’t” drop us much, but after last night, who knows.

And who knows if we’ll end in a slump. I’m more confident in the Auburn game since they’ve lost pretty much all their decent big men, but it’s still not a gimme by far. Bama is a toss up. We’re playing them away, where they have been very good. BUT, we’ve been good at home this year like usual and we got stomped last night, so who knows. Mizzou is also a toss up because like Arkansas, they’re wildly inconsistent.

And no matter how you feel about Anderson, having no faith in him to finish the season strong is illogical based on how most years end for us.

I think you’re being unfair in this assessment.

Freshmen or Senior means nothing, especially this late in the year. We’ve seen it time and again, or we’d see a bunch of teams with a bunch of seniors winning the tournament, but it doesn’t happen.

I keep seeing people say Kentucky is average or mediocre. Yes, they aren’t up to the usual blue chip standards, but they still have 3 first rounders and like everybody else in the SEC, they’ve gone through a slump. Now their out.

And one game doesn’t mean we can’t finish strong. And exposed? Did it ever occur to anyone that Kentucky just played better last night. Any team on any given night can outplay anybody in this league. We’ve seen it all season, so to say we were “exposed” isn’t accurate to the evidence.

Yes, Thompson picked up the ball handler off the screen, but instead of going back to his man to take away those lobs, he stayed where he was and the more athletic Kentucky players went around him. I watched at least 10 points scored off lobs that were allowed by him not getting back to his man on defense. The same thing rarely happened if at all with Gafford in the game.

We need a coach. No more excuses.

General, I looked up RPI. Losing out puts us at #53 in RPI. Winning against AUB puts us at #38. However, the Wizard has not updated yet, so it could move down, or if the other three teams win out, might not hurt as much.

We’ve got a coach. We need fans who know what their talking about, not “fire the coach” crowd everytime something goes wrong.

If we beat Auburn on Senior Day, then we’re in no matter what. It might be an 11 seed, but we’re in. The same goes I think for either Bama or Mizzou. BUT, I’d feel much more secure with 2 wins. It’s very doable, but we have to be on our game big time. Otherwise, we may NEED a SEC tourney win to secure a spot.

I don’t disagree. Lunardi, said the night we played aTm, if we win two of our last five we are in. We beat aTm. I was disappointed with last night. I had it penciled in as a win, and Bama penciled in as a loss. Hopefully, we flip the script and now beat Bama. I still like our chances against AUB (they’ve lost 1 guy to injury and have another that’s playing hurt). Missery, to me is a toss-up. I think if we “need” to beat them we will. Plus, I think they throw Porter out in a game against us and it’ll mess with their rhythm a little.

I’d like to ask all of you what your expectations are for Arkansas basketball?
Do you believe the Hogs should be a nationally relevant program or are you guys ok with a program that will continues to get to the Tournament wins 1 game and then continues to get beat in the next game which is likely what will occur again this post season if we actually make the tournament and win that 1st game?
Personally, I want more than those type of results from our program.

When you look at our big wins this year they are Bucknell, projected 14 seed, Oklahoma, currently in a free fall and if it continues could be left out, Texas A&M, we split Home victories and they stock is falling, Tennessee, by 2 at home in OT, Missouri, by2 at home with chance to split or sweep season series, UCONN, doesn’t help they’re awful, Minnesota, doesn’t help, awful team.

Losses, By double digits, UNC, Houston, LSU at Home, Auburn, Florida, UK, Texas A&M.

How they finish the season is anyone guess, but what’s for certain is the fact that even if the make the tournament they won’t need to pack many cloths because they won’t be there for long.

Go Hogs!

Last night our seniors leadership was poor!
They should have balued possessions instead they made bad horrible decisions.
We might get in the Dance but the hogs fail to know what a good shot is and don’t play a lick of defense. ( you don’t give up the same pick and roll slam dunk all night long)
Greaseball had another group of blue chips freshmen to throw out. Our junk yard dogs were tired and couldn’t score for over 6 minutes that gets you beat. At this point in the season it’s a toss up getting in the Dance. They sure haven’t earned it.
My thought is pretty simple if they don’t win 2 of the remaining 3 they may be NIT bound!

To your first point, I would love for us to be at a higher level than we are right now, who wouldn’t? I’m also a realist and as much as people don’t like to read/hear it, but two seasons ago, Anderson basically had to start over with this team. When Portis and Qualls left early, compounded with 3 players getting kicked off the team, that killed the next season. From what I know and conclusions drawn from other evidences, I don’t believe Anderson knew Portis and Qualls would leave early. If they stayed, even with the players getting kicked off or suspended, I think we would have made the tourney again that year. BUT, Anderson had to start all over again with a depleted roster. If that didn’t happen, then this season would be unacceptable so far. For years, I’ve heard people talk about just making the tourney on a regular basis again like the old days. If we make it this year(and I believe we will), then that will be 3 of 4 years making it. At that point, I think the first part of Anderson’s rebuild of our program is complete and we should expect more.

Second, you’re right. Minnesota and Oklahoma were the highlights of our non-conference schedule. Now that they are bottoming out, it’s hurting us along with some of our bad SEC loses(LSU).

Finally, as long as we make it, then it’s anybodies game. I don’t buy into the notion of “these are automatic” when it comes to teams winning or losing. That’s why it’s called March Madness. Just a few years ago, UConn squeaked into the tourney and ended up National Champions or SC last year limped into the tourney and made it all the way to the Final 4. Once your in, it’s all up for grabs.

I personally believe Anderson in a great coach and done much for this team and state. I was around when the arena wasn’t even half full for games and players were dropping like flies for all kinds of reasons. Whatever people think about Anderson, he has stabilized this program and put us in position to make a push for national relevance again. I’m just as ready as anybody for us to round that corner and become a perennial power again.

-Enjoyed the banter this morning. The usual suspects (I’m counting myself in that bunch) holding to their long-standing positions. That’s good to know - that we all are firmly locked in on our beliefs. :slight_smile:

For General - I just can’t buy in - haven’t for some time. What Coach A is selling no one buys. Unless - as DFarris writes, you are comfortable with always the bridesmaid. I’m not, apparently others aren’t either. It should absolutely make a difference to have six seniors suited up. I hear it every game for those teams that get to the finish line still standing how there is always this older, matured, stable player or group of players that carry teams. Now - when Arkansas FINALLY has a large group of seniors, that argument can’t carry the day? As is said in roundball circles, ‘come on, man!’.

The scheme does not work. You may disagree but as so elequently written this year (and last, the previous …) by … oh … me … , the scheme does not work. Arkansas chased KY all over the court in the first half last night only to find itself tied at the half and run off the court in the second half. KY sat back, threw over the chasing defense, ran their offense and got shots in the paint - just enough to fend off the Hogs the first 20 minutes. When the Hogs legs started to tire in the second half, KY turned up the heat and the Hogs withered. I don’t get it. Why press against a team that is known for having big guys in the middle and no fer-sure shooters on the edge? Why not pack it in and make KY shoot over you? Why? Because that’s NOT Coach A’s game and he’ll refuse to change all the way to the unemployment line. Arkansas’s press does not scare anyone with athletes and more so, with coaches in the elite teams that can adapt.

If you are happy with winning 6 in 10 games but not having the engine to get to 7 or 8 or 9 in 10, then this scheme is your baby. Come on … you telling me Gonzaga, Auburn, Alabama, Clemson, Arizona, (and yes, even KY and FL) - those teams all have better players? Ahhhh…hells no! What they do have - apparently - are programs that are tuned and then re-tuned to whatever fuel makes it run best at any moment in time.

I don’t apologize for wanting athletes that can and will adapt to a coaches even subtle manipulation. Not happening at Arkansas.

Change the scheme (see Football plan) or change the leadership.

oh … RPI? Won’t matter if we come out of the SEC tourney with 12 plus losses. It will be easy to get to 12 losses (now) … and an RPI above 35 with 12 losses … nope.

First, nobody is telling you to buy it. You don’t like it don’t watch, but don’t presume to say NOBODY is buying it because I’ve seen full stands quite often this season. And no, I’m not comfortable not having a perennial power, but I’m also realistic about our team as well, so you can knock off that attitude as well. And it has made a difference with our Seniors, if you don’t think it has, then you haven’t been paying attention all season.

Second, the scheme doesn’t work? By whose standards? You realize probably 1/3 of college basketball runs a similar system? I’ll grant you, this year, it hasn’t been great for us, but make no mistake, it’s been very effective most years for us. I’ve already explained what happened last night, so I your spin job of last night is moot. As for not changing, you realize we went to a man, 3-2, and 1-3-1 zone multiple times last night? Anderson will do whatever needs to be done to win. So that whole rant is a moot point.

Third, if you go by strictly star ratings, then yes, over half those teams you listed have better players. That’s not saying we have bad players or their not as good now, but it depends on your perameters. And again, saying Anderson doesn’t make changes to our scheme during the game only shows you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Finally, you don’t know or seem to understand how RPI and getting into the tourney works. Yes, 12 losses isn’t ideal and probably would keep us out DEPENDING. Yes, DEPENDING on the circumstances. So indeed, RPI and BPI matters a great deal. We won’t have 12 losses, so you don’t have to worry about that.

General you are full of it. Here in GA where I live, my friends say we need a coach because we have some good players and they are not being used properly. If you would take those rose colored glasses off, you would the glaring problems with MA’s coaching. He should have been fired long ago. All teams have players leaving early and they get by. You have to recruit for those things. Mike had just about quit recruiting until about 2 years ago when the heat got turned up on him and he started making some effort. Any other coach in the country would have been fired if they were here and produced as Mike has. It is time to forget about the past and move on. I could say more but I will not!!!

And why is that?

Yeah, I’m going to take the opinion of Georgia fans on basketball, you know, the school we beat at their place a few weeks ago.

He should have been fired? Break it down for me why. I’m really curious why you think so.

All teams have players leave early, but most coaches know ahead of time. Portis on national t.v. even suggested he was coming back. And it’s hard to recruit top players to replace your own top players when they decide to leave in April when the vast majority of players are already signed to other schools.

He quit recruiting? Prove it!!!

You’re a moron if you think any other coach would be fired with his record. Ask your Georgia brethren about Fox and his record and how he’s still there. We have a coach who has never had a losing season and our arena attendance has gotten better almost every year. Idiot!!!

Actually, I don’t think you can say more because nothing you said is accurate to begin with. I’m so sick of some of you making blind accusations based on complete ignorance. You don’t like Mike, fine, but at least know what you’re talking about.