Arkansas @ South Carolina game thread

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goodness … this team is simply… average at best. Poor kicking, Poor offense, and that O-line is simply poor. Can someone help Enos call something on 3rd and 3 … something other than 1 yard and a cloud of dust?

Did I suggest ‘not prepared’?

There’s a reason this game is on SEC Network and not anything else. Two mediocre football teams who can’t convert 3rd downs. I’m grading papers while watching and fighting sleep because of the boredom of the game and lack of enthusiasm from the announcers.


That was not a PI!!! He’s going for the ball perfectly played!!!

That’s bullshit

That was not a PI!!! He’s going for the ball perfectly played!!!

That’s bullshit[/quote

These guys - both sides, do not look like SEC players. I can’t keep watching this stuff … too many other really good games on.

Watched a high school game on ESPN last night… was more hard hitting and entertaining. Hogs look disinterested in playing. Disappointing effort.

Totally pathetic effort. It looks like we don’t care. SC will beat us tonight, no surprise here. Offensive Line U? What a joke.

I’m not worried. I believe Arkansas will win. South Carolina has gotten several breaks. A fumble, a long pass that should have been knocked away, a bad PI call. Sometimes breaks happen but I don’t expect the breaks to go South Carolina’s way in the second half. And, certainly Arkansas is the better team.

I wish you were right, but you’re not. We really suck, we just do.

We can’t tackle, we can’t cover, the Alabama and Auburn games are going to be national embarrasments.

Well! Now I worried.

Losers. Where’s Cole Kelley?

The back-up QB is always the most popular playing on the team but let’s end the Allen era and go with Kelly. Allen has been beat up too much and hasn’t been the same since Alabama last year.

This is going to be a horrible year.

Now I believe you are right. A quick 10 points by SC is proving you right.

Make that a quick 17

We all know what has to be done. Just need someone to pull the trigger and put this behind us! This team is SOFT!!!

We’re supposed to be a team built on our lines and both O line and D line are not living up to their potential.

What an embarrassment.

Turnovers. Either your friend, or your foe.