Arkansas @ South Carolina game thread

Love the spirit. After the fumble, are you sticking with the prediction of a come back?

I wish that Bielema believed in getting his back-up QBs practice in these kinds of games. We are going to lose. Allen is rattled yet again. Get someone else reps

I guess we probably won’t have to really worry about Allen much longer because there is no way he isn’t getting a concussion on of these hits. He was so far ahead of the rest of FBS coming into this game as far as hits and now he’s just extending the lead.

well that’s the game folks they are hungrier

Turn out the lights, the party’s over…

Coach B has turned the Razorbacks into “The Rice Owls” in just over 4 years.

Thanks, Mr. Long

This team has given up and I don’t blame them where is John l Smith lol, punter can’t punt over 36 yards are you kidding me. Come on basketball

Most of our players couldn’t make the 3 deep on the other SEC West teams. We are the Vanderbilt of the West now thanks to Long.

Bielema and Long have driven us right into the ground. I wish Frank Broyles was around to fire both of them.

it is not the players like Clint stoehrner said you either coaching it or allowing it


JohnLSmith is currently the head coach at Kentucky State University.

Producing about the same success as Coach B is at Arkansas!

No its not only the players, the coach is the majority of the problem but look at the body language of the players, I don’t blame them. Why

  1. Can’t we get a kicker, UAPB kicker kicks further.
  2. Get a punter,UCA punts further
    Bad coaches

We’re the laughingstock of this conference. Everybody wants to play us. Easy win, home or away. Sorriest coaching staff of all time.