Anyone can beat us

We have no coaching, no discipline, no defense, no hope. The basketball team makes the football team look good.

Shut the f*$( up. You only show up when we lose, but we win and you’re nowhere to be found. Your opinion is not needed or wanted.

Be quite troll, go sit in the corner and pick your nose. Men are talking here.

You guys are as bad as the team. I don’t see how you can support such effort from coaches and team. One of these days you will wake up and see that CMA is not a good coach. I have heard too many excuses from you “real men”.

Don’t let the troll get to you General, he is a waste of oxygen.

You would not know a Troll if you saw one!!!

See the difference in men and what you all do is we show up and root for our team win or lose. We celebrate we win and we still come and suck it up when we lose. You trolls hide in your parent’s basements and can’t be found when the Hogs win and have success. But, if the Hogs stumble, well here you trolls come crawling out of the basement to b$!?/h and moan. You all are not Hog fans. Never have been, never will be.

Based on what? He’s never had a losing season, not a whole lot of coaches can say that. NOW, I will agree, this lose has a lot to do with Anderson. He didn’t have a good scheme for these boys. Does that mean he’s a bad coach because of ONE GAME? No, but hey, lets take the opinion of an armchair coach, who probably doesn’t attend the games and see what’s going on.

Do you really think people are basing their opinion of Anderson on one game? :o

I agree that Anderson did a poor job. His uptempo free style approach sometimes exposes our team weaknesses…trying to trap and letting shooters have open shots, easy penetration to the lane, sometimes lack of movement to block out… I don’t know why he can’t effectively teach fundamentals.

Yes. I honestly think most fans who complain about Anderson don’t ACTUALLY know what they are complaining about and just assume that because we lose a game, then it’s always an indictment on Anderson. It’s not the boys just didn’t play well or the other team was just better. It’s all Anderson’s fault and we must get rid of him. It’s an old and stupid argument from people who don’t understand the game of basketball.

I was with you till the last sentence. Have you seen him coach or seen practices? I have and you have no idea what you’re talking about.

All I can tell you is that my frustrations with Anderson are not, in any way, shape or manner, based on one game. It is over the last 6 years. You may not have my concerns, that is subject to disagreement for sure, but my issues are not because of last night alone.

Personally, I like Mike Anderson. But in my view, he and Bret Bielema (as well as their staffs) look entirely too comfortable on the sideline. You never see either coach go off on a player. Watch Calipari; watch Saban; even watch Swinney not to mention Bobby Petrino or Nolan Richardson. All those guys motivate players to play with a sense of urgency and hustle. The uncontested three point looks Mississippi State got cannot be excused. The bench should be the next stop for guys who don’t play defense.

Jeff Long does not seem to understand that it flows downhill and it starts with him. Part of being a coach is being a jerk. Barry Alvarez understood at that Wisconsin and there is no doubt in my mind that he rode Bielema hard. Alvarez is probably on their basketball coach too. Last time I checked Wisconsin is in the top 25 in round ball and they are filling up their arena with rabid fans as well. Our coaches need coaching and Jeff Long does not seem to be able to do it. To me, that is a why there is so much mediocrity in our programs these days - Long’s passion is with long term planning and building stuff and not winning games or championships.

Good post Swinefinder!!

Agree Swine, I think Long needs to grow a pair and start holding these coaches accountable for their team’s results. If he can’t do that we need to replace him. We kept hearing we needed better facilities to compete in the SEC and now that we have them same old results. I think the coaches are not concerned about their jobs for reasons like CBB’s $15M buy clause. They get contract extensions for under performing.

But you took the time to comment on it.

With all due respect to Generalhog and Hogsbreath, this team has made the Tournament ONCE in the last six years. Twice in ten years I believe. Is it all Anderson’s fault? No. The players share equally in the blame. But these are Anderson’s recruits. He has hit home runs on some, but not most. To be successful in college basketball, your recruiting classes have to be good year end and year out. I’m not calling for Anderson’s job. I believe Anderson is on his way to correcting some of the recruiting errors of the past with a strong class this year and an excellent one next year. Provided he keeps all the commits and adds another strong inside player. My biggest complaint about Anderson is he is running an up tempo style of play that EVERYONE in the SEC knows how to handle. Also, for the rest of the season, he still doesn’t have the right make up of players to run the system effectively. He has some pieces, but not the whole puzzle. Finally, I believe most people’s anger and frustration about both football and basketball is that for two decades, the coaches, officials, media, and sports guys on the radio have been telling us we are two to three years away from " Righting the ship.". Those excuses have gotten old. After years of unrealized dreams, broken promises, and massive misevaluations in recruiting, people are fed up with the “Wait till next year.” mantra. That doesn’t make them Phony fans. And you supporting the product no matter how mediocre it is doesn’t make you “Real Men” or real fans. Just easy marks.

I’ll have to again, agree to disagree.

I TRULY can’t understand how some fans can’t see the extraordinary events that have led to the trend you mention. Just saying 1 in 6 doesn’t take said events into account and ignoring them doesn’t make your view more valid.

When it comes to recruits, I’m honestly sick and tired of the complaining. You say he has missed on recruits. Who? Yes, you can name Monk and Allen, but who else that is of any significance? Again, did Anderson not recruit those two? Monk left for God knows what reason. Allen, from everything I’ve read, never wanted to stay in state anyway. And you also said he’s missed more than made. Why? Other than the two listed, maybe Goodwin can be added, but that ignores the vast majority he did get instead of lose like the Qualls, Portis, Kingsley, Beard, etc. So I don’t see this logic of saying he’s missed on ALL this talent when all but 2 of his recruiting classes have been top 20 and that doesn’t include the 18 and 19 classes that are also shaping up nicely.

You complain about the system, yet do you even realize he’s not even running the same system this year? Every commentator in basketball understands this except our own fanbase.

With this fanbase, as well as most, the frustration isn’t with “wait till next year,” but our own perception of reality. Meaning, if I think it’s awful, then it must be awful, whether it actually is or not. Or even, my opinion is fact, when in most cases it’s far from it. These lines of thinking are what get good coaches fired and then you can’t replace them with anything better.

General, you lift up Anderson’s recruiting classes but if they have been that good then there must be a problem somewhere. They must have been over ranked or the coaching staff has done a poor job of coaching them. Your argument is convicting you.