20 Plus Point Game Tomorrow

Better coaching and better roster.

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Is that still funny? Are you still LMAO? Blowout.

You must lead a pathetic life… Take long walk off a short pier.

The Hogs will make this a game but you will still be an ignorant, pathetic loser no matter the outcome.

Dream on, getting killed on the glass. Keep telling yourself we’re good. We suck.

Not laughing at the game , oink, laughing at you. And yes I still am… lmao

Playing hard but UNC has too much talent!

laugh all you want, no way we win this game, not even competitive

The one thing we couldn’t do is come out and shoot poorly. And that is exactly what we did.

another delusional fan

Don’t worry I will… lmao

We don’t belong on the same court as this team…they actually know how to play

Is this what you expected, Mr. LMAO? Pathetic.

Lmao, please oink, I’m almost doubled over busting a gut!

Ah… yes this is exactly what I expected if we came out with cold shooting… lmao

That’s funny. I was thinking the same thing about you stinkbait. :lol:

You don’t belong on this Board as Fan… We are actually Fans through thick and thin.

Keep wallowing in your your stupidity, We will keep rooting for Our Hogs.

Both teams are actually playing fairly poorly.

There is plenty to dissect, but these are a few things I’m seeing.

  1. Barford is playing recklessly. This is not helping us right now. The shots he is throwing up at the rim are just flat out ridiculous choices.

  2. Moses is playing hard. He’s really putting in work on both ends.

  3. Just about every single Hog is playing intimidated. They are so uptight right now that everyone is thrown off. No one seems to be in the right place. We’re standing around for 3/4 of the shotclock and then hoisting a prayer at the rim.

  4. Manny Watkins is not looking like himself.

  5. I just want to be within 10 by the half.

4 point Game Stinkbait!!! :lol:

Great run for the Hogs to wipe out the huge deficit!

The refs let UNC get away with a few to many fouls. Hopefully with the second half and the Hogs being more aggressive, they will call a few more.