Zach Rogers

How much impact will Zach Rogers departing have on Hogs next year? I think he will be hard to replace at center.

Honestly, I don’t put too much stock in his departure, we’re talking about a guy that has played in less than 10 games in his time as a Hog. The ne staff had a big job on its hands trying to figure out the O-Line no matter what and I don’t believe this will have any more impact on the process than was already expected.
My guess is we will find out which of the redshirt freshman from the last recruiting class has made progress and is prepared to play along with several of the Sophmores.

Go Hogs!

still its kind of a weird situation when a perceived starter decides to just end his career before he runs out of eligibility. Im sure with the new staff there would have been some shuffling around at all positions so who knows who steps into that role. maybe will gragg can gain a few pounds and move over or one of the d-lineman.

It is really not all that weird. He has graduated and he is ready to move on. More power to him for following his dream.

The young man has a wife and has his degree. He has job offers to make a living for his family ! I’m proud he wore the Razorback uniform! Good luck to him.

We may find out just how effective the new staff is at coaching real quick! They have thier work cut out for them putting an O line in place. I just hope they can get Wallace to play up to his potential. Gibson should be better along with Froholdt. We may see a couple of young hogs play on the line next fall!