You people

You can tell you’re older than dirt. Every time there is a change in electronic format, it’s like someone reinvented the commode. You need to use it, but you’re really cautious. Hang in there. :lol:

MIS or computer science major?

Hello, Porkdiet. I’m a newbie here. I’m very glad to note some familiar username designations here, such as “Mud” and yours. I still maintain an affiliation with HI, and you can quite likely discern my alternate username identity by the tenor of my somewhat superfluous and flamboyant posting style. I’m glad you’re here. I’m glad I’m here. I’m glad Whole Hog Sports is here.

Thanks Silver Fox.
I was aiming that one at mud, but I guess he’s still wandering around in his inbox.

Love the handle.

I’m one that had to scratch my head for a bit to know what to do. But I’m getting there.


Clay, just wanted to say thanks for everything you and Dudley put into HI. I stepped out of line a few times, I admit, but the mods were always professional with me. I loved that board. Look forward to the new chapter.

New chapter will be fun. I’m excited.