You heard it here first

My sources on the ground near the situation in Texas are telling me Charlie Strong is going to get canned immediately. If not sooner.

Ring Ring…P Train, will you leave LSU and come here? We got cash. … 86298b0fa1

Any word yet on the destination of the Mad Hatter? Rumor says Purdue? HOGS YA’LL.

My inside sources tell me somewhere on the big 10

OR possibly the big 12. Maybe even television or radio.
Greeter at Walmart. Stay tuned.

Never question my sources on the ground. … 2543,d.eWE

What do the sources tell you about the LSU gamble on coach"O"? I say it is the best thing for us in a long time. He still has Miles players so it will take 2 years to screw it up before they fire him. CBB still has what 2 years on his contract? I say we give him another year to make some changes and get to 10 wins. HOGS YA’LL.


I like Coach O as the pick. If he does the same job he did at Ole Miss, the boot should stay here where it belongs. I was shocked they went with him.

Herman at TEXAS was a good hire,but like everything else time will tell for sure. HOGS YA’LL.