Yet Another

Late game failure…everybody we play knows we’ll serve it up to them in the 4th quarter

BB NEXT this was sad and VERY pathetic.

There are so many reasons that CBB should not survive the weekend at Arkansas. The only hope he had was to win out and get to a bowl. With that gone, he’s gone and Enos will elevate for the Missouri game (like anyone will care).

Point in the game that finished him? Simply unnecessary choice to go for 4th and 3 on your side of the 50 … with 3 minutes left. You punt and you force MSU to move the ball. Instead, with little likelihood of actually picking it up, CBB surrenders field position.

And I’ll just say this. If there are those that believe Austin will get drafted and/or has a chance to play at next level? Be serious. Bad footwork and even worse decision maker. Love the toughness but its largely much of his own doing.

Distant Hog, I agree. AA could not make the scout team.