WVU is probably one of the best Defensive teams in the country

They block a lot of shots. Arkansas will have to shoot the ball well on Sat in BWA to have a chance at a W.

Not sure I would spend much time patting myself on the back with a good Defensive performance. Ole Piss played on Mon night, their legs were shot, and they missed a lot of wide open J’s… Other teams won’t… WVU has about 6 guys that shoot the trey successfully, but they generally like to win in the paint, and then punch it outside for a open trey occasionally, especially when teams are locking down in the paint.

Pomeroy’s numbers say WVU is only slightly better on D than we are, 93.8 adjusted points per 100 possessions to our 95.0. And our offense is significantly better.

Now crawl back under your bridge.

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Oh, great, another internet tough guy. And again, they’re 35th in the nation in blocked shots, which is why Arkansas has to shoot the ball well, because they will contest every shot in the paint.

Notice how the so called mods leave things like that up, which was completely unprovoked and uncalled for, yet, this response will be gone within an hr, guaranteed…lol…

I just don’t see Arkansas losing to W Virginia at BWA.

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Hey, we got a quality win…let’s celebrate and move on.

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Pretty much went as I expected. Rotating Toney, Umude, and Wade on defense shut down WVU’s two best scorers for most of the game. JWill and Au’Diese Toney dominated the interior. Nice to see Arkansas hold serve with JD on bench in foul trouble. Figured Arkansas would win by about 10, and they did. Basically, what I’ve come to expect from Muss’ teams: don’t blow a team out but just keep them at arm’s length and run out the clock on them. On to Athens.



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