Anybody a wrasslin’ fan? WWE? Old school or current?

Yes, been a fan all my life. Met many of the WWE HOF’s when they were in Mid South.

I think Trump’s Grand Daddy invented fake wrestling.

Yes. Got Memphis TV growing up while living on a farm about 20 miles outside of Newport.

Went to see matches in Memphis and Jonesboro.

My wife Petra was having none of that when she was my girlfriend back in high school.

i grew up during the genesis of WWF and Wrestlemania and was a big wrestling fan. i used to hurry home from school to catch the 4 o’clock telecast of the regional organization i believe it was GWF. was always a big Andre the Giant fan growing up. my dad actually took my mom on date and they saw Andre wrestle Ernie Ladd who was a defensive end on the Fearsome Foursome and a massive man in his own right at 6’9’’. dad said Andre dwarfed Ernie, but i reckon he dwarfed every man on earth.

on a side note HBO recently did a documentary on Andre and i found it to be very well done, i highly recommend it if you can find it on one of the streaming services.

Good stuff.

I started as a youngster in the days of Hogan, Warrior and Savage. Still watch but not nearly as good as those days or the Attitude era!

Mid South came to Benton back when I was in the 4th grade. Everyone was packed outside trying to get autographs from Dr Death, the Freebirds, Terry Taylor, Rock n Roll Express, Midnight Express, Jim Cornette, but none of those guys would come out. There were two young guys that were signing things. They were called the Blade Runners (Rock and Flash). No one wanted their autographs, even though they were giving them out. I got their autograph and mom asked if I wanted to take a pic, I told her, not with these two. They are trying to be the Road Warriors and they aren’t as good. Fast forward to today, and I regret not getting the pics. Blade Runner Rock left Mid South for WCCW and became the Dingo Warrior, then went to the WWE and became the Ultimate Warrior. Blade Runner Flash ended up being my favorite wrestler of all time. He simply changed his name from Flash, to Sting.

Ha! Thats a great story…no way to tell they would end up being big megastars at the time when they were so green.