WPS...One of the great games

We won that one with heart in the end, like a great Heavyweight fight, it came down to who wanted it more. They whooped our tail for most of the game, but we got in a knockout punch in the end. We came out very tight, they were more loose, and they were whooping us all day. it’s a good thing we were ready today, or we would have lost by 7-11 pts… Instant classic though, great game.

Here’s your last post in case you forgot…

Arkansas looked asleep for most of the game, finally woke up to start the 2nd half tonight. If they cover the 3 like they did tonight against #23 Bowden, and the rest of that team that shoots the 3 really well, Arkansas loses by 9-15 pts. I don’t think Arkansas can beat them anyway, the way Williams rebounds. Saturday they will have to play for 40 mins, because Tennessee will, they’re ranked for a reason. BWA hasn’t been a home court advantage either, they were owned by Florida last yr in the opener, and a cpl weeks later by Miss St.

Look familiar??

Tuesday night will be extremely tough at Miss St, they have a cupcake they will put 100 on at 5PM, and they no doubt got to scout the first half of our game today also. But there are NO EXCUSES, good teams like KY, FL, TN deal with adversity. Tennessee was ready to play today, they got to scout Arkansas’ last game, when Arkansas was asleep, and they were a little fresher. I think in a straight up match-up, it’s 50/50 either way against them on a neutral court, no advantages either way. Wow…what a game though…Fans got their money’s worth today, for sure!!

Yep, I forgot, thanks for the reminder there genius… :slight_smile: I don’t play juvenile board games, I state my opinion, and move on, have a great New Year… WPS!!