WPS..Nice comeback win today..

Probably will lose by 30 on Wednesday night, might as well just forfeit that one, but nice response from a bad performance the other night. Need to keep developing an inside game, the J shot is the lazy, cowards, saving grace, good teams always work the paint. And then if it’s not there, find someone for a J. Defense was great in the 1st half, Mike didn’t really sense when his guys were getting winded, and should have substituted a little earlier, but we escaped with a win, should have called another moving screen on Mizzou on that last play, and Geist wouldn’t have even had an opportunity for that win to begin with.

Odds are a loss but not by 30 …

I’ll offer that over time Mike’s team seems to surprise a few on the road. In recent times this team has won in KY, TN, SC, and GA.

I’m just saying that this team has the talent to win and given the old axiom of ‘any given night’, I’m not ready to throw in the towel against FL. I think FL will try to run with AR but doesn’t have the horses ( the loss as Ole Miss submitted as evidence. If Gafford continues to take steps forward and the hogs learn to use him (having that inside presence is foreign to the Hogs guard), the Hogs can stay with FL.

I get our dismal @ FL record so I’m going with ‘this is the year’. :slight_smile:

Nah, this isn’t a good match-up for Arkansas, they should forfeit and let the UConn women play for charity, it would be a tougher-better game. White does a good job of spreading defenses out with Chiozza, setting screens, and finding Allen, that Russian dude Egor, and Hudson for wide open 3’s. 3 of their starters are some of the best free throw shooters in the nation.

Arkansas’ only chance to even be competitive is to get the ball inside, get Hayes and EGOR in foul trouble, and someone has to step up and get off the screens, and keep them from lighting it up from 3 pt range. If Arkansas can pull the upset by some miracle, and it would be a miracle, 98% predict a FL win currently, then it would wipe the two ugly losses off their resume.

if you want to forfeit ,why don’t we just cancel the rest of the season. Some of you posters are just stupid for posting such things.

Pghhawg, I agree with you. I sometimes just don’t understand these so called Razorback fans. We must remain positive and continue to back our coach and these players. I am frustrated at times like everyone else, but I will always root for my Hogs.