WPS!! Great win HOGS!! Congrats!!

Congrats to the Razorbacks for showing true grit, and coming back after a loss to Bama and stepping up! Job well done young men!!! “UNCOMMON”

I am most pleased with the O-Line improvement. The defense got the job done right & proper to seal the win as well. The two team earlier weaknesses apparently much improved. I hope this all bodes well for the rest of the season. WPS!

I looked specifically for the Oline to hold their blocks longer. I thought overall they did.

This can help the confidence.

Great win,looked better all the way around.WPS

When I see improvement even some of it slight, at least I’m not sorely disappointed,
but when I see improvement and the HOGS show grit at the end and pull off the win, I’m very happy camper.


How about Austin Allen, with Branden in NFL; all of that Allen smack talk has been muzzled. How about RW3, Dominique Reed/ Jared Cornelius, and Santos Ramirez big ole piss exclamation mark? WPS!!! With a record of 5-2 all of the coaching smack talk should be muzzled. We should be enjoying the moment because it was a great must win game and we got it. Kudos to CBB and team.

I cannot believe any Hog fan could be anything but very pleased today.
We just defeated the nr. 12 team and are 5-2 which is to me, outstanding. Great game.

We are #17 in the Coaches released this morning. AUB is listed at 24, Florida 12, LSU 23. We win those three and I don’t think anyone can complain (including me :wink:

HA, you know that there will still be smack talk about the coaching from some on here even if the Hogs win out.

I don’t think so, they were complaining about 9 wins, major bowl, and Top 10 finish (I complained because I was disappointed in our apparent lack motivation at times). If we win out, we will be 10-2 (prior to the bowl), will get to a major bowl (Bama 13-0 SECC in playoff, aTm at 11-1 would get Sugar or Cotton, and us being 10-2, would get the other, both TN and Fl would have 3 losses), and we’d be in the Top 10 (prior to the bowl), depending on the results of the bowl, we could lose and be fringe Top 10 at the end. They really wouldn’t be able to complain, because the team met their expectations.

That was a very impressive SEC styled showing by the Hogs majority 3 star STUDs playing like 4 star studs (K Hatcher, Cornelius, Morgan, Reed, Taiwan Johnson, both CBs Toliver and J Collins & #28 FS with his coverage at times as well and hard hitting soph Santos who saved the game with a “5 starish” game sealing tackle!). HA is right re this talk about coaching and coaching up players should cease once and for all! This team also never panics, staying confident of any victory. Now I know that Bama - whom Austin Allen should have passed for over 450 yards against due to their “grabby hands” throughout that game against the Hogs vaunted WR group but ignored by the referees- was lucky that the game was played to 60 minutes and not 65 or 70 minutes against the rules. Great job by all of the position coaches and game being won on CBB’S and Coach Enos’s system and terms!! Not a Natl Title but still great 34-30 SEC West Win against some considered pre-season darkhorse playoff contender with potential Heisman trophy candidate at QB ~ Woopig!!

PS…the Hogs really did miss #9 Santos’ absence against Bama’s lucky RBs that they avoided the Santos Ramirez heat-seeking missile! Get the next game and Go Hogs!!!

Edit: Adding Dwayne Eugene and Raleigh Williams to that list of very solid performers and developing their games thus far in the season. This victory should also bode very well to the recruiting as the Hawgs are for real. Bama only beat this Ole Miss’s very talented squad 48-43 barely escaping with a win. That is saying a lot. Next up is Auburn’s very talented players on both sides. I like the Hog’s chances of a win or competing valiantly next Saturday at Auburn who should’ve been ranked in the Top 10 due to their Top 10 recruiting rankings from the last three seasons. CBB has proved he can beat these teams consistently over and over throughout his coaching career. WPS!

Now Bake don’t you go and get all practical again. This is the Hawg Lounge.
If it turns out the way you speculate it could, I dang sure wont be complaining, but that may still put us in the minority here.

Good coaching means the team improves over time with the talent on hand. We have endured injuries and the coaches have trained up replacements. WPS

Oh and by the way… This is the earliest I can say it; “We are going a bowling!!!” :stuck_out_tongue:

OK-So I’m going to be the Lone Ranger Spoiler I guess. The defense was still out of position what was it 3 times and allowed Ole Miss to hurry it down our throats a couple times. If you think for one grunting moment that Malzahn didn’t take note of that then things could get very negative for next Saturday. Yep,the OL looked better. Yep,the passing situations with the OL/backs was better. Yep, the coaches did a heck of a job for most of it. OK-call me a Saban clone or something but the defense MUST be better prepared for HUNH. IMHO that means being in position at the snap all the time! Look it was a great WIN! But if we are going to keep winning that defense must improve. HOGS YA’LL.

Once was because we made a good play and the D was too busy celebrating. I know, he (CBB) smashed AC for that after a TD his freshmen year, wonder if he will do that to the defense. Celebrate when the game is over, not the play.

Where’s Tawtam on this thread?

Now that is funny! :stuck_out_tongue: