Wow! what an a$$ kicking.

I turned it off, this thing is over already, Arkansas didn’t even show up. How embarrassing.

Don’t turn it back on or comment again then.

Yet another one and done for Mikey

Another? This is the first one. Get lost!

If MA had any feelings for Hog basketball, he would retire. UofA don’t have the balls to fire him. He will never lead the Hogs any further. Sad day for Hog basketball.

SHUT UP WITH THAT CRAP!!! This is not the time for that!

What time is it?

It is the time for that CRAP!!! Anderson needs to go. But we are stuck with Anderson for probably at least 3 more years.

Oh another random hater to make a profile to be a jerk. You can screw off too!

Yeah, I agree. He refuses to develop an inside game. Butler, “Butler” their leading rebounder is a guard, owned us on the glass, a recurring theme. Either Mike is unaware of his rebounding difficulties, or he simply refuses to recruit big men that can board, or he doesn’t know how to coach rebounding. Whatever it is, clearly it’s not working out, and next yr will be worse that ever.

General is totally delusional

To me, the idea of Gafford getting outplayed is nothing new–not a revelation. The kid has zero ability to establish himself in the post. I don’t even mean post moves–and those aren’t all that wonderful, either; I mean he literally gets pushed around by 6’ 4" guys when trying to establish himself. He needs to learn how to establish himself in the post.

As far as Mike Anderson goes, I don’t think it was his best coaching job. But, there was sloppy play from the beginning. I love Barford and wish him nothing but the best, but he showed his ugly side this game with just god-awful shot selection. Macon started crying about fouls. It just wasn’t a good look for those two. But, I love those guys. They truly loved being a Razorback.

That being said, I think this team was trying hard and hustling throughout. I’m proud of them for that. Trey Thompson played great. Cook played hard; Bailey showed up a bit. Beard was hustling as well.

If Gafford is really going to be taken in the first round, he needs to go, period. However, that says a lot about the NBA right now. In my opinion, he is not even close to where Portis was when Bobby left for the NBA.

Stop it, we have a great coach, just look what he’s done for us in the last seven tournaments

There will always be salt in the wound following a difficult season ending loss. Sometimes, it is more prudent to let some time pass before making emotional laden commentaries. Sometimes, not. Personally, I like Mike and still believe that he put together a good year. In fact, the Hogs overachieved, in my opiniion. The recruiting class looks strong, and hopefully, Gafford will roll another year in Razorback red.

Regardless, I was locked in an office all day and appreciate the General’s running commentary. Honestly, I can tell who is winning and losing the game by those who show up on this board, without even reading the posts.

Go Hogs.

You thought tthis was bad? Wait until next year, Totsl train wreck

AD should tell MA if he wants to work out his contract that he must completely replace his staff. If he can’t do that, then he should turn in his whistle.

Next year we will be without our two all SEC guards and Gafford [but I can’t say with 100% certainty that Gafford won’t return]. Therefore, next year I expect we will be in the lower half of the SEC and, since half the SEC teams have a better recruiting base, if we do any better it is just gravy.