Wow, is golf the new football?

All 14 Men’s golf teams in the SEC made the NCAA regional. Never happened before with any conference or sport. That’s just plain impressive

The UofA womens golf team is the real thing, they may legitimately win a national championship!

Go Lady Hogs!

One man’s opinion:

I have nothing against golf; - - - but unless or until I see 80,000 screaming, wildly cheering fans surrounding the golf links in ecstatic enthrallment at the exhilarating action that is unfolding before their eyes, - - I would surmise that golf is in no way bidding to supplant football as the favored sport of choice for the masses.

All 13 SEC softball teams made the NCAA Tournament last season. Vanderbilt does not sponsor the sport.

That’s impressive. As for never happened before that was from an AR sports site on Twitter the day I posted.