Would Sumlin be considered?

If it’s true that Sumlin is out of aTm would he be considered for the HOGS?

Why should he? If it wasn’t for Manziel he would have been fired a few years ago!

We’ve never beat him

I made a comment last week that maybe keep Bret (recruiting purposes), but replace Enos with Sumlin, and Rhoads with Shannon (FL). Let them bring in their own staffs (offensive and defensive), and let Bret be just the HC.

I have to believe both of those, though more Sumlin than Rhoades … is going to find an HC job someplace assuming they don’t stay where they are. Pretty sure Rhoades won’t be the HC at Florida and since he’s been acting HC, he’s more likely than not to be given his walking papers by whomever FL hires. If you believe the press, Sumlin is out at TAM … so maybe. But his record would suggest he’ll be an option as HC for someone.

But your original point, I don’t see keeping CBB as HC just because he gets different staff. The underpinning issues with Arkansas can be traced to CBBs style and, with respect, stubborn nature that keeps his focus on styles that Arkansas doesn’t have the talent for. Bringing in new OC and DC, I don’t believe works. It assumes the HC is willing to be the cheerleader and let the two coordinators have 100 percent control. I doubt that happens with CBB.

I agree. we have already seen with CBB that it doesn’t matter who the coordinators are, we will have the same results. It is time for a fresh start and philosophy change. Sumlin will find a head coach job quickly. The networks are already saying if TAMU does fire him that he will wind up at UCLA or Nebraska. Although he would not be in my top 5 for the Arkansas job, Sumlin is a good coach and assuming he wins against LSU or the bowl game, will have won at least 8 games every year for 6 years. Not sure why TAMU wants to get rid of him to be honest, it’s not like they have a history of winning in the SEC or Big 12.

There are a least 2 games that we had won but folded in the 4th qtr. in spite that A&M has had great recruiting classes and we’ve had at best mediocre classes. A&M is at best a middle of the pack West Div team who have underperformed during Sumlins tenure.

And we have never beaten that under performing middle of the pack West Div team. What does that say about us?




What does it say about ‘us’? It says - similar to TAMU, that we have unrealistic expectations of winning beyond what we’ve seen with maximums (8-10 wins). There likely won’t be 12-14 wins (to include a NC) - neither here nor at TAMU. I just don’t see it. Even where the Hogs pull a rabbit out of a hat and get some brilliant, superstar coach and he comes with such a name that players forego the top 10-15 schools (and we all know who those are), there isn’t much chance the Hogs will get faster, more athletic, deeper … in the next 3-5 years. Without that, is 8-10 max, 4-6 minimum in cycles. Because we won’t get there in 3-5 years, the next brilliant, superstar coach will be looking for the exit sign … just like CBB. Just keeps going in circles.


Beliema can’t even win 8 games consistently. I have not seen a single poster state that they wanted CBB gone because he has not won a championship. We want him gone because he has sunken the program to an all time low.

Who knows what coaches would be on the list, but I believe that Sumlin would not entertain a HC job in the SEC West at Arkansas knowing what he couldn’t get accomplished at A&M where he had fertile recruiting ground, best Facilities in the SEC Conference if not the entire country.
I believe he will head out west for a stress reliever of a job and get a team like Arizona State to 8-9 wins per year, but not have the stress or death threats toward him or his family.
I wish him all the best, he’s a class act.

There is only one question. Do we want to have an aggresisive innovative coach or do we settle for mid-pack retread?

I believe that it will take a coach that has the smarts to outcoach his opponents, make adjustments on the fly, demand that players are accountable, and that all coaches make sure that players are technically sound.

Arkansas has had two coaches that meet these specs: Lou Holtz and Bobby Petrino. Anything less will result in mid-pack results. WPS.

So we are looking for a HC who was successful in College moved on to the NFL and failed after one season in the NFL. Ok. Got it