Would have been a fun weekend....IF.

What a nice weekend of College Football. Too bad we don’t have the old interactive format, that allowed real time interaction during the game/day. But hey nice win for the hogs, Story got to make a few hand offs. Hogs do what they are supposed to vs. Tx St. Hogs may crack the top 20 as others stumbled.

Matt Bring back the old format… this is terrible. Name your price.

Finally shut you up lol. I agree, the old way was the best way.

Robert… If I post the fact that Duwop had 2 carries for 2 yards… it gets banned. This format and the uber sensitive censorship is terrible. They gave what is like some 20 year old band member/journalism major that never has been in a locker room the assignment of moderator and this is what gets banned… Anything that is semi may hurt someone feelings. It is no longer a discussion board… just a big group hug or sorts.

The old WHS disqus format was a lot more fun, immediate, and interactive. Obviously, they don’t care that we don’t like the new one. That sucks.

Come on guys, we’ve heard your complaints. I agree with some of them. Time to quit griping and move on. Woo Pig

[quote]Time to quit griping and move on.

Why? The decision to retain this 1990’s forum tool is not immutable. Massive step(s) backward.

One more post clamoring for the return of the old format and derisively condemning the new one will likely motivate me to commence performing a funeral dirge on the violin; - - - - and I’m not a violinist.


The old format ain’t coming back anymore than DuWop is the starting RB vs Texas A[size=85]&[/size]M.
However, he could get 3 or more carries against Alcorn St. :lol: