Worst Team in the last fifty years?

Arkansas has had teams with lesser talent than this team. But they played their hearts out. They played with pride even when hopelessly overmatched. The lack of talent on the team is NOT Coach Morris’s fault. But the lack of football smarts, basic fundamentals on both sides of the ball should have been addressed since day one. I know the saying about leading horses to water, but falling for the fake fair catch ploy? To be fair to the current coaching staff, this catastrophic season can and should be placed at the feet of CBB. He left the cupboard bare and the current crop of players lacking the fundamentals. But smarts, toughness, and above all PRIDE lays at the feet of the players and current coaching staff. I’m NOT calling for Morris’s job. He should be given at least three to four years to fix the mess he inherited. As I stated in the header, is this the worst Razorback football team in the last fifty years? In my opinion, yes. The lack of talent and unfamiliarity of the system I understand. The lack of smarts, toughness and PRIDE, inexcusable. Once, putting on a Razorback jersey meant something. There are a lot of kids in this state that would crawl to Fayettville if offered a scholarship. Instead we have a bunch of overhyped and overrated players on this team that couldn’t be on LSU’s scout team. I hope this season is the darkness before the dawn. Only time will tell.

That was my thought exactly. I texted just that to a friend. This is the worst Razorback team I have seen in my history of over 50 years as a Razorback fan. What more can be said?

What’s scary to me is that I don’t think we’ve hit bottom yet. We still seem to be on a downward spiral, getting worse every game. When is this going to end?

The season will OFFICIALLY end in November, at the conclusion of the Missouri game.


I am afraid this season ended before it began.

Well my first recollection of Razorback football only goes back to a fateful December night in 1969. I would turn 7 in a couple days so my father wanted to celebrate a Razorback victory and my upcoming birthday. Well neither happened that night. I did hear a phrase that night in the parking lot of Razorback stadium that I would hear uncountable times for the next 49 years, " Just wait till next year" followed by " we have 5 and 4 star athletes lined up for the next 10 seasons". Well we still don’t have a National Championship and we are now as far from one as I could ever imagine. A decade ago if you had come to me and said in the 2018 season the Razorbacks would be looking at a Cleveland Brown endorsed season. I would asked how much had you been drinking. Well move over Brown’s fan make room in the Dog Pound or in our case the Pig Sty. Next year we will get 'em!

Silverfox, I was referring to the spiral. I know when the season ends, I just hope the downward spiral ends before that! My 70+ year-old psyche can’t take much more of this constant pounding. I’m running out of runway in which to see us get back to relevancy again…


That was a trying time for Broyles. I recall reading that he lost 30 lbs and asked his father to save him a job selling insurance. And, it’s true that if these people were around and had their way, Broyles would have been fired.

The only “spirals” with which I am reasonably acquainted are “spiral notebooks” and “football pass spirals”. I’m 73, so a “death spiral” may be in the offing for yours truly in the not-too-distant future.

I share your fervent hope - (along with that of many other Hogs fans, I’m sure) - that our losing spiral abates and attenuates THIS SEASON.

We simply HAVE to elevate our proficiency level. We represent the analogous “Elevator Football Program” of D1 Football. Our elevator has descended to the sub basement, - - and has been idled there for some time now, - - and the only direction in which we can go from here is “UP”.

Before we throw CBB under the bus for the 999 time CCM made the statement that there was enough talent on this team when he took over to go to a bowl game. Now either he doesn’t recognize talent, can’t coach or he was just trying to sell some tickets. Myself I praying to God that he was trying to sell tickets and not beat up CBB at the same time as we well know that coaching fraternity is pretty tight. Hope to see some improvements made this year and get trending in the other direction. WPS

I hold the perspective that it’s what happens now going forward - rather than what was mismanaged, mishandled or mistakenly instituted in the past that is of paramount importance. Morris and Company cannot change what has come before. They can only influence what is to come. I am emphatically in favor of affording them that opportunity to turn this program around.

If you’re NOT in favor of letting them have that shot at it, - - - then shame on you.

Silver fox the talent that CCM has signed is much better than the class under the previous regime. The attitude and work ethic had to change before added talent could make an impact on the field. It takes talent and a positive attitude to win football games! This next season will be better but may not satisfy everyone! I want to see improvement of both lines and the fight that the razorbacks have shown in past.
QB play can only improve with good Oline play!
I think CCM needs at least one more recruiting class to make a real difference in the on the field result.
We all need to erase last season and this upcoming season record from our memory so in 4 or 5 years we’re not counting it against our Coach!

No way would I give Morris 4 years. I would expect some improvement in year two and being competitive in the SEC by year 3. Neither Broyles, Holtz, Hatfield, nor Nutt, needed more than two years to win.

I’m not interested in excuses; only performance. Perhaps there could be valid reasons for the excuses, but there are always young and upcoming assistants or small college head coaches that are available with as least as much likelihood of success and we might hit pay-dirt with another 32 year old Frank Broyles or Jimmy Johnson. Hopefully, that is what we have with Coach Morris, but I wouldn’t wait more than 2 or 3 years to find out.

I’m in full agreement. Change is going to come; - - it’s just not likely going to come suddenly in overpowering fashion.

You’re entitled to your opinion.

I think that it is a foolish gambit to change coaching staffs every two or three years in a knee jerk fit of pique, insistent upon starting at ground zero again and again every two or three years, - - with each and every successive new staff, - - throwing out the previous schematics and preferred player profiles and starting from scratch to recruit players answering to a different priority mold - - - and running off the veteran players who don’t fit that mold. constantly and continually remaining in “program rebuild mode” simply for the sake of “trying something new” every two or three years.

Ha, I mean we’ve given Mike Anderson 8 years and counting now and he hasn’t done anything special. Not 1 Sweet 16, not 1 SEC title but yet he’s still good on his job and we’re getting worse.
Chad will get at least 8 too, no matter what happens. Way we roll

And you are entitled to your opinion. Since it has been proven, as stated in football and also in basketball with Sutton and Nolan, that good coaches usually win in first two years and always by the third, I’m not in favor of excuses to retain coaches that can’t win.

I really like coach Morris and his staff and the way their recruiting but Tennessee and their staff were good recruiters to and where is Butch Jones and what was his record. I’m a bottom line kind of guy I’ll just stay focused on what Coach Morris’s record is since becoming a head coach at SMU until present time as they used to say on the old dragnet show just the facts . No more Kool-Aid for me please, I’ve had plenty. Go Hogs