Worst LSU team since Gerry Dinardo...

And they still dominated this unbelievably terrible coach from Arkansas in his 5th yr… I do believe he’s the worst coach in modern school history… I don’t count JLS as a coach, he was more like a Capt of the Titanic after Petrino, and the SEC was tougher that yr, and the non conference was tougher… Probably the worst coach since Jack Crowe, and even that’s close… Credit the kids with a solid effort, just not taught well by the coaching staff… Just little things like reading defenses if you’re a RB in pass protection mode.

The defensive coordinator is terrible, the defensive backfield position coaches are terrible, the line coaches on both sides of the ball are terrible, the strength and conditioning coach is terrible, the special teams coach is…oh wait.

This whole circus, including the head coach, needs to be swept out.

DC and DB are the same guy - Rhoads
OL - Anderson
DL - Scott
Strength and Conditioning - Herbert
Special Teams - Bielema since we don’t have one??

Is that the whole circus or would you include Enos, Mitchell, Hargreaves, Lunney, Smith, and Walker too?

I’d keep Lunney and probably Mitchell, Hargreaves, and Walker… maybe Smith but if the Head Coach is gone then everyone’s job is in jeopardy.

So the defensive coordinator is also a position coach? I don’t think so.

Keep thinkin…you are wrong.

So if you can, let’s think about last season. Rhodes was the defensive backs coach. And we had a defensive coordinator. And now he’s both?

Keep thinking

In 2016 Bielema relieved Robb Smith of his position coaching duties, he had been the DC and DB coach previously. Bielema brought in Rhodes and many thought that the writing was on the wall for Smith. When Smith left and Rhodes became DC he continued to coach the DB’s. A wiki search will show that Robb Smith is currently the DC and LB coach at Minnesota and Paul Rhodes is the DC and DB coach at Arkansas.

Oh, ok