Word on the street....

Is that Hall and Jones might be looking to transfer.

I hope neither is true, but I would think if one will transfer, it’d be Jones. From what I heard, he wasn’t to thrilled about his lack of playing time.

I don’t know why Hall would want to transfer.

Maybe someone more in the know could help out with the rumors.

i heard the same rumors over the weekend, and i hope they are simply speculation. i’m with you i could more see Jones going than Hall though i want both back in fold. i believe Hall played AAU ball in the EYBL with team Penny out of Memphis, so i believe the rumor is he would like to play for Hardaway at Memphis, but who knows.

Question is posted on the b-ball board. It’s also all over Hogville. Per Dudley, “Hall told some friends he was unhappy about PT”. He hasn’t told anyone else. To me, someone he trusted gave out info about him complaining. We don’t know how serious he is, most of us have complained about schools, jobs, etc… we should know for sure in a few days.

Hall played for Team Penny his SO season, he played for another team out of Memphis his JR and SR season.

As for Jones, Dudley has also commented on that, he said nothing is definite but he wouldn’t be surprised by CJ transferring.

If playing time is Hall’s issue, then next season should cure that. He was playing behind 6 Seniors, now if he develops his 3 point shot more, he should easily start as a 3 guard or hybrid 4.

I sure hope Hall comes back!

I agree with Tubby’s statement. As for Jones make shoots and earn your PT. As for Hall learn to handle the ball and play under control and you will be a legend at the U OF A.

It’s official, their leaving and I’m completely confused.

Curious if any of the higher ups have an idea of who Anderson will go after to replace them.

Lot of rumors.

Like? This is the one area I’m out of the loop on.

Well this is extremely disappointing. I just don’t get this at all. I know there are a lot more players transferring this days but this perplexes me, unless for some reason they were not getting along with the coaching staff. Behind Gafford these two would have been the most capable returning players and would have gotten significant playing time next season imho. I know we have a decent incoming class of freshmen but are they talented enough that Jones and Hall would think they won’t get more playing time? It disappoints me that Anderson couldn’t somehow convince them to stay. But lots of young people these days have an inflated sense of entitlement, so perhaps there was nothing more CMA could have done.

Change is normal and a part of life so their transferring doesn’t matter. Most everyone makes changes. They change jobs, move to other neighborhoods, change majors, girlfriends, and sometimes wives. With all the changes, there are hundreds of players to choose from to take their place.

Who knows why these two decided to transfer, but it’s a done deal and I would think Coach Anderson had better set his sights on another post player to pick up minutes from Gafford when he needs a breather or gets into foul trouble because we currently don’t have a true post size player on the roster.
I read that we have one available scholarship so perhaps we find a grad transfer or someone currently playing at a lower level than D1.
Personally, CJ was a complete disappointment as a supposed 3 point specialist and I believe his departure isn’t that big of a deal.
However, I really liked the energy and upside that Hall showed during the season and we could’ve really used him next season and beyond. I guess we will see him in person if we play Memphis in the future non-conference.
We probably have no idea if we see Garland take the floor as a Razorback next season or ever for that matter.
Coach A has certainly had a bumpy road with kids coming in and transferring after a season or two, not sure what is the reason for it, but it doesn’t help with continuity within the program.

Go Hogs!

Smh, We all know what this is about. It’s called having an ALL SEC backcourt and Mike still playing another 6-1 guard who can’t shoot 30+ mins every game…Beard.
If I was CJ or Darius who are better, hands down, and had to continue to watch that bum get more minutes and start for no reason then I’d question being there too. Sorry to be real, someone had too.

I’m telling y’all, this is what it’s about if y’all wanted to know. No reason for Beard to play all those minutes along with Barford and Macon. He played out of position and shot an awful 38% for his ENTIRE career, including a piss poor 38% all season as a Senior. CJ and Darius both shot better and barely got consistent minutes. And spare me on Beard was a good defender, no he wasn’t, not even close. He was too tiny to stop anything and got beat
all the time. He wasn’t a good athlete either.

Mike playing Beard all those minutes is the reason for all this, hate on me all you want and say I don’t know what I’m talking about. Well you want the word from the peeps around them, there it is. Believe what you want too.

I would say from what I understand is that this is the people around him and not from a lack of love or minutes here.

So people around him got in his ear and told him he should leave or he wasn’t getting along with the coaches or team?

ANd you know this how? And that still makes no sense considering both would probably have been starters next year.

He was getting along fine with the coaches.

As I said, people in his ear that might not have his best interest at heart.

I heard (I know what “heard” conjures up) that people around him got in his ear and convinced him that next year and maybe year after will be bad and hurt his development and coaching staff won’t develop him either for what is needed to move to the next level…the NBA

Penny Hardaway?