Word on the street....

Malzahn is going to sign an extension with Auburn.

OMG! General! You can’t say things like that! The Cult of Gus on this board will go into a frenzy.

Heard it on the radio.

Oh Lawt…here we go.

Oh lawt? What language is that? LOL

Haven’t seen u on the disqus, hog channel lately?

Till the first of jan!? Lol

HA became insuffriable so I aquiesed.

OH ok

Some Hog fans are as crazy over Gus as TN fans over Gruden. Neither was going to happen. Powers need to move on and get a good coach before it is too late.

That’s Jimmy Sexton doing his job to drive the price tag up! Sexton has the Arkansas deal too! Whether it’s signed or not that’s how it works. Gus is loyal to Gus and no one else.
If the hogs work a deal it will be expensive and Gus will get paid.

If Gus were to win the national championship, he could seek at least $7 million a year (not saying he would but based on his competitiveness with Alabama and winning the title, he could). Is Arkansas really going to pony up that kind of money for him? Even if he doesn’t, he could seek $5 million a year, which is a half-million more than we have been paying. Certainly, he could give the hometown discount, but if he doesn’t…?

If Gus wins tne NC he isn’t leaving Auburn.

Maybe the extension is through saturday :slight_smile: If he loses to GA, I’m guessing Auburn leadership will help pack up his household goods …

Seriously? He just beat Bama and won the West. You don’t think Auburn is just tickled orange n blue right now?

I know you asked HawgTown, but just like HawgTown said, HogAuthority was getting more ridiculous by the day. He actually blocked me this weekend from the site because I told him to stop insulting players and for correcting/calling out his stupidity. I’ve warned him time and again that fans were going to leave his site if he didn’t cool it with his obsession with Petrino, Brandon Allen, and his “I can say whatever I want and you can’t refute me” attitude. He didn’t listen and now he only has about 3 regular posters. Oh well!

Thanks General. It’s sad because I enjoyed interacting with everyone there except him and it was because of everything you said above. I was especially annoyed with as you said his " I can say what I want and you can’t refute me" attitude the guy seemed to come unhinged if you disagreed with him and that is his attitude on this site.

I thought it telling that about a week ago he posted one of his 500 word diatribes of crap and absolutely no one responded.

Perhaps we can set up our own Disqus channel for what will be a exciting season to come.

Great posts GH and DTH, I had to block him too for the very same reasons… I couldn’t stand HA years ago but could deal with it but he has definitely gone downhill with his overdeveloped sense of “Authority”.

And speaking of blocking, I am sending out a big thank you to The Mods for banning Skip W. i.e. Oinkbait. I have posted very sarcastically towards him over the past year and especially this past week due to the way he treated DTH and the multiple PM’s that he sent to me containing unhinged, expletive laced diatribes and death threats. It was not appreciated in the least, so thank you again Mods for taking out the trash. Now I can post in a more civilized manner.

Honestly, I was thinking the same thing when he blocked me from the site. I might have to get to work on that sometime in the near future and will definitely let everyone know here if I get one up and running.

I mean, I know I can be annoying being as I like to play devils advocate sometimes, and I know that can be annoying to people. Heck, in the old forum, Oinkbait and I used to go at it all the time during basketball season and I know because of that, the MODS took away that forum from us.

I enjoy a spirited discussion and have never had a problem with you. Stankbait can die in the street for all i care.