Woo Pig Sooie

Years back they took a survey or poll on college cheers from all across this country. Can you believe our Hog Call cheer took second place? Totally anti-southern damn bias. The winning cheer was further bias and just a big insult to any knowing southerner. Rock JocK Jayhawk. A Jayhawk was a northern sympathizer during the American Civil War who acted upon his loyalty to the north by killing southern sympathizers over in Missouri. Their southern sympathizer’s counterparts and bitter foes in Missouri were called Bushwackers. Kansas does not ever belong in the SEC with that goofy spiteful cheer. It causes revulsion in me when I see blow hards on blog boards mention Kansas as a possible SEC expansion target.

Wow, 151 years later we should hold grudges.

You mean The War of Northern Aggression?

The Arkansas River runs across Kansas just like Arkansas before merging with the Mississippi River. Kansans all refer to the Arkansas River as the Ar-Kansas River. One of my sisters lived there all her adult life and worked at Boeing in Wichita, she is now deceased. That was mostly in fun. I have nothing against Kansas people.

I had relatives way down in southern Arkansas in their 90’s when I was a small child in the late 1950’s that could talk about the Civil War like yesterday. They named relatives that died and lost limbs and could sing old Civil War songs. I was a small kid but I wish I had wrote all that stuff down.

The Civil War was an issue of State’s Rights. It established and settled a long ongoing argument about that issue up to that point in American History. States from that time onward to the present day have no power against the Federal Government.

It’s actually “Rock Chalk, Jayhawk”. Obscure cheer invented by a KU chemistry prof back in the 1880s. I suspect that most KU fans don’t give a rip what a Jayhawker is. They do like to “bushwhack” you at Allen Fieldhouse. :wink:

I know, I just wrote it like that. Jock makes more reasonable sense than Chalk. “Obscure” enough to beat out our Hog Call?? Absurd!

Is a Bushwhacker cousin to a Jayhawker???

Sounds like you have been reading the Kansas University fan developed web sites. There was no cousin type relationship as far is their actions in the early years of the Civil War. Kansas Jayhawkers came as far as over 100 miles over the Missouri border into Missouri to kill southern sympathizers, many civilians rousted out of their homes in the night. The Bushwackers was the Missouri civilians militia response, they hunted the Jayhawkers with deadly intentions.

The Cilvil War lasted from 1861-1865. By the late part of the Civil War and even for the decade after into the middle 1870’s, it was a violent time in Missouri that even spilled over into the northern 1/3 of Arkansas. All governmental positions and everything in southern states was controlled by northern carpetbaggers who spilled south under very slow reconstruction. It was said Lincoln never intended that very slow mean spirited reconstruction policy, Lincoln intended quick repatriation and forgiveness but he was assassinated right at the war’s end. Anyhow, hombres who had been southern civil war soldiers, Jayhawkers & Bushwackers became murderous robbing scoundrels as Jesse James & Bloody Bill. The Civil War history books are full of the deadly exploits of these men up into the middle 1870’s. I guess they all could be called cousins in league with the devil.

Someone watched the debate last night. :wink: