Women vs. Oregon today at 3 Central

I an hopefully assuming I will be able to see this game on Flosports which I purchased a few days ago and watched the Creighton game.

They finally got the announcer’s audio up and the crowd mixed in better.

Both teams are slugging it out on the 3’s, wow!

Hogs 25- Ducks 22 at the end of the 1st qtr. (I think, the production started falling apart- bad takes during the action of Arkansas player at the line. Missed the second.)

After 1:

Don’t beat me to death on the fact that the site has the logos backwards…
Not my graphics… Just a cut and paste.

Where is woffenbarger>

After 2nd Quarter:

Finally mentioned that she (Woffenbarger) was “not on the bench today”…anyone heard why she is not available,

I have gone twice Help on the FloHoops Sound…it keeps fading.

Score graphics disappeared so here’s the game cast:Score/Gamecast

Yeah… they disappeared because I got distracted doing a bit of online gaming. Tuesday is when the servers reset… generally a busy day for a gamer.

I struggled to hear the announcer for the entire game…also very bad video first half…kept freezing every 3-4 seconds! Got better but never very good.

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