Win or Stay Home

OK guys Monday is win or season is over! Lets send USC back to Columbia where they belong and pack our bags for Omaha. The other UA sports have been a little underwhelming this year. This is out last chance to finish the season with a bang. Fans show up at Baum tomorrow and help pull us through! WPS!

It’s pretty simple Mike win or stay home. No matter what happens tomorrow this has been a great year for the hogs. I hope we win and get to face some teams that haven’t faced or pitchers.

Well we ain’t stayin home! WPS!

You’ve got that right. What a game. There were a lot of positives from a lot of pitchers tonight. Campbell looked pretty good but when his pitch count hit 70 his tank was empty! I was glad Loeske looked good and got some work. For Jake Rheindl it was huge for him to get back in the game and have some sucess. I thought Cole Ramage looked good! And Matt Cronnin just came in and gave them gas, gas and more gas!!!