Win #20!!!

Good, solid performance by the Hogs. Especially Macon, Kingsley and Thompson. Texas A&M will be tough and looking for revenge like Vandy. Need another good home crowd and great effort to get to 21.

They come out and played early did not fall behind. In the second half they had an answer every time Ole Miss got to within 5. Then they had the run.
Macon shot lights out. We rebounded real well today and shared the ball. 20 assist on 32 field goals is really good. We also went 24/27 at the free throw line. Great performance need to keep it up. Texas A&M on Wednesday will be a physical game let’s hope we can avoid foul trouble.
We just need to keep the energy up!

Thompson has really played well of late. He is going to cushion the loss of Kingsley next year. How about his passing skills? Great win tonight!

Trey has been a big cog in the turn around. He was beast at USC as well. Glad CMA is FINALLY letting him play. He should play 22 - 28 minutes every night.

Trey Thompson
Plays 23 minutes
4 for from the field 100% for 8 points
8 rebounds
3 Block shots
3 Assist
1 Personal Foul

It would be nice for Trey to take 10 shots a game or more. He just simply makes plays!
After the game Trey said he can play better and was concerned about his 2 turnovers. He is a team player and a difference maker. We are a better team with Trey and Mosses on the floor. I would think he will get at least 25 minutes a game or more from here out. Great team win

No doubt. A&M is another one of those teams that considers us their biggest rival, and Arkansas fans don’t come out in mass for weekday games, so it won’t be like it was last night, which still isn’t even close to the old Barnhill crowds IMHO…

If we can play well at home, and pull off a huge upset in Florida, Arkansas could move up significantly in the NCAA tournament. The SEC tournament gives a bye to the first 4 teams, right now we’re tied with Alabama, but essentially ahead because of our win over them, but I like our chances to atleast get to the SEMIS in the SEC tournament, if we can get one of those early bye’s.

Yes, we’re tied with Alabama right now for fourth, but own the tie-breaker. Looking ahead, though, if we can beat A&M at home next game while South Carolina loses at Florida, we will be in a third place tie and own the tie-breakers. I think there is a very good chance that we’ll soon be in third place and looking to hang on with some tough games ahead.

glad to see Thompson getting more minutes, Thomas and Cook are more athletic but Thompson is vastly more skilled. playing him with Kingsley takes pressure off Moses, thinking he has to block/alter every shot leading to offensive boards for the other team. Macon and Hannahs seem to be interchangeable parts, especially when both are hot. i especially like the 5-man combo of Barford, Macon, Hannahs, Thompson and Kingsley. gives us 3 solid ball handlers and capable shooters and 2 rim protectors on defense. when Barford, Macon, and Hannahs are all playing well at same time we can beat anyone i believe. the only problem with not bringing either Macon or Hannahs off bench is it leaves our second 5 with a dearth of scoring. it puts ample pressure on Beard to score for that 5, and thats not his game. hopefully we’re hitting our stride. WPS