Whycome nothing is opening tonight except Hawg Lounge?

I cannot open any premium site although I am shown as logged in. All my “new” posts are generated in Hawg Lounge.

I am using my iPad. Let’s see about my home pc.

It works just fine for me.

Try logging out and back in using the link at top left.

I’ll never forgive you for that. I am now in that cyber world the guys fussed over for the last week or so where when you log out you cannot get back in. My IPad is locked out; I cannot log back in. It keeps telling me my email address and/or password is incorrect.

And, my home pc, while logged in properly, will not open any board except Hawg Lounge.

Please, please, don’t advise me to log out on my home pc or to wash my cache.

On my iPad, before being locked out and while still logged in, I could not open WHS–Recruiting Guy. I can on my home pc. (This relates to my initial post)

Cannot log in on home pc or iPad. iPhone is ok but nothing is coming up but Hawg Lounge. Even my “my posts” are shown as Hawg Lounge generated. My “new” posts are all from Hawg Lounge.

Not sure what to do.

I’m able to log in as you and access all boards just fine. Can you try logging out and back in or do you not know what your login credentials are?

Since you can log in as him, can you also give us Fred’s account numbers? I have a few expensive items I would like to purchase. :smiley:

You can’t log in? Hm-m-m-m.

Is it possible that you may have inadvertently dumped liquid onto your unit and that it is now “waterlogged”?

I’m sorry; I couldn’t resist the impulse to blurt the lame pun.

I DO truly hope that your problem is resolved very soon. Good luck.

It’s solved. Thanks Techies, and Richard and especially Marty. Uh, who’s Marty? ha