The guy from Denmark was a 4 star DE. Agim was a 5 star DE. Yet neither one of them are playing DE even though we don’t have good DE play. Why not? Our kicker has been struggling for the past year and a half. Yet all the while we had McFain on the bench who kicked a 50 yard field goal. Why wasn’t he the kicker all this time? The coaches and the media told us before the season that the Dline was going to be great, yet they haven’t been that at all. Why did they tell us that then?

Bielema lets seniority win out. He should instead let his young players push out the older ones. But he doesn’t. And we get this.

I know that we have a senior DE that was supposed to be all SEC caliber. He came on strong last year toward the last few games. This year he has been a huge disappointment. It starts there. We have had some decent tackle play, but nothing to write home about. Then our LBs seem to always be out of position and chasing the ball instead of attacking it. Our defense seems to make the plays we need to win only when they are run blitzing and sending 5 or more on pass play. Problem is that only happens about 4 plays a game. CRS needs to mode his scheme to his players and add some aggression.

Our kicker was injured. Just saying.

Agreed. I’m not a Robb Smith fan, but have been tolerant until this year because you can’t just rush 4 DL in this league and win. Every team that has beaten us sends 5-6 on blitz packages a lot. I understand having faith in your DL, but there comes a time you need to put some faith in your DB/CB’s to cover the spread.

Hjalte was a DT.

Hedlund was evidently more consistent in practice. That has not shown up in games so Adam got his shot.

The D-line is pretty much the same one from last year. They held Leonard Fournette and Derrick Henry below 100 yards. Arkansas was No. 12 nationally against the rush in 2015. That’s why they were expected to be a strength.

I stand corrected on Hjalte. Perhaps I’m wrong, but it seems to me that if 4 and 5 star players are being moved to different positions than they were recruited to play, that can mean a couple of things. One, the player is not good enough at that position to fill the team’s needs there. Two, the team is so bad somewhere else that they need to move that player to that other position. Either way, it seems that it points to a failure in recruiting. Also, how does changing highly rated players to other positions effect future recruiting? Will potential recruits be off put by the idea of them not being able to play their position in college?

Why would the D line be worse this year then? Shouldn’t players get better year to year? There’s got to be some explanation for that.

It’s not unusual to move players to different positions. I’m not saying it happens a lot, but it does happen. I highly doubt it hurts recruiting. Especially, if the move turns out well. I think Hjalte will be very good before he leaves. He’s never played OL until this year so there’s a growing process.

I’m thinking of the 5 star DE who has dreams of being a dominant pass rusher in college. If they see that a 5 star DE before them was moved to DT before they could prove themselves, that might effect a player’s decision on where they want to play college. Perhaps that’s not so much the case. You would certainly know more about it than I would.

A lot of players get moved around on ALL TEAMS at ALL LEVELS to make the best fit for the team and for themselves. Especially as they mature and/or change physically.
Change positions from,
Jr High to Sr High.
Sr High to College.
College to NFL.
And even during any of the given stops above.

Why act like AR is the ONLY TEAM that does it.

Who plays what and how well is usually determined during practice. No coach in his right mind would play the guy who had the the biggest press during high school, you make the team in the two a days, not the newspaper.

This is a bit misleading. Due to CBB’s desire to take the air out of the ball, you can’t really judge the defense on total number of yards. I prefer to use yards per rush, per pass, per play. IMO that is a more realistic judge on the defense. Regardless, last year the Hogs were 35th against the run in yards per carry (3.8 yards). Your point remains though, because currently we are dead last in the country, 128th (6.4 yards).

That along with the record breaking 543 yards rushing yielded on defense are some nasty defensive stats. All with most starters from last year returning on defense. I think a group assembled from this board to coach defense would do no worse.

Why are we frustrated? Because I think we may have witnessed a collapse in leadership on this team. Why are we angry? Because I think we know based on the TCU and Ole Miss game that this team is a whole lot better than 56-3. Why are we so messed up in the head right now? Because we are afraid that things may not get much better over the next two games. I will hold all that back and show a little faith in the staff to turn things around and I live in the current,not in the past,and I look forward to the future. Lets start by beating Florida cause we are long overdue. HOGS YA’LL.

You are dead on with that. What is our SEC record against Florida? I think 0-9 since entering the SEC? We do have a bowl game win against Florida I remember years back before SEC days however that is our only win ever against Florida. We are long overdue as you say.

I use to be on SEC blog boards a lot a few years ago when I first gained computer literacy. The SEC fans were generally great. Auburn fans and even most Alabama fans are very easy to get along with. I only had problems with Florida & Georgia fans, they like to talk about the BIG SIX, that is Alabama, Auburn, LSU, Tennessee, Florida and Georgia. Schools as Arkansas are in the Little SIX, no NC’s. Florida fans liked to talk about Big Sixes, Little Sixes and that 0-8 record the Hogs had at that time against the Gators. I heard about that constantly from Florida fans. A win against them is long past due.

Better give and take


So that’s what HA was PM-ing everybody to off this site. The cartoon channel of college football.

I just hope that we at least made some type of adjustments on offense and defense. If not, Florida will dominate us just like Auburn.