Why is Monk Allowed to Taunt with Throat Slashes?

Monk throat slashed at least twice to taunt our players. Our players shouldn’t have taken the bait. But why is he allowed to do this with impunity?

Because we are in the SEC and KY is the golden boys.

Agreed. Our players should have kept their cool and handled it better, especially two seniors and leaders of the team. My best friend was at the game and said the second throat slash was shown on the jumbo tron, in front of our bench with him saying something, right in FRONT of the ref, and nothing was called.

Everybody in the conference knows that this sort of thing happens with Kentucky. I knew it would and it happened. I’m not blaming the refs for the game. What killed us was the 2 threes Kentucky hit right before halftime to push a 6 point lead to a 12 point lead and Arkansas going scoreless for 7 minutes in the second half. I’m blaming the refs for letting the game get out of hand. It’s our boys fault for losing their cool. You can only control yourself. BUT, the officials created that environment. Not because of what they DID call but because of what they DIDN’T call. My wife, who knows NOTHING about basketball, watched Adebayo push Thompson to the ground on a rebound(I rewinded the play to make sure) and asked me “isn’t that a foul,” when it happened. When my wife can spot the bad no calls, you know something is wrong. Dusty Hannahs even hinted to other things being factors, other than Monks throat slash, that lead to hot tempers. I actually loved the lack of calls in the tournament. For the most part they let teams play it out, BUT there comes a point where officials need to at least get the coaches together and try to get the game under control. I rewatched this game, to my disgust, and I saw Barford get elbowed in the face twice(which explains his hot temper), Thompson almost got tackled to the ground, Watkins got the treatment on a screen that Hannahs gave, and Kingsley got hooked twice in the ribs by Adebayo. NONE OF THESE THINGS WERE CALLED, NOT ONE!!!

The SEC office needs to take a serious look at this game, especially their officials. They also need to consider this point: Arkansas this season NEVER acted this way in any game. They’ve gotten beat bad and pushed around before and this never happened. Things were done to push some of our players over the limit yesterday and the top brass needs to stop this nonsense.

I saw that as well. If I’m not mistaken that play resulted in an and one on the other end on a 50/50 call.

On Moses’ technical, watch what occurs, the official calls a foul on Moses, Moses says something, then starts to walk away and Adebayo shoulder bumps him. Moses then said something (honestly I thought he was saying something to Adebayo) and the ref T’d him up.

Did anyone else watch the Alabama vs. Kentucky game and hear the announcers talk about how disappointing it would be if Alabama pulled off the upset because money, attendance, and viewership would drop a lot if Kentucky lost? I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but come on man. Those announcers just set up more angst for what people already think about Kentucky.

Yeah, that was bogus too. It’s the championship game and the ref calls a technical because he got his feelings hurt by something Kingsley said. Calipari does a lot worse to officials and never gets called for that.

Did you see the GA game? Very similar officiating as our game. 13 for KY was bear hugging Frazier with no call, Frazier bumps Fox and Fox shoots FT’s. Just ridiculous.

This is why KY loses in the tourney. If they could get their officials every year, they wouldn’t lose, but when they get refs from another conference who doesn’t care about KY, and callas the fouls even, or allows physical play, KY loses.

It was pretty clear it was us against Kentucky, the crowd, the refs, the ESPN announcers. The taunting by Monk was so blatant and so ignored by the refs. We get knocked down, elbowed in the face and the refs shrug it off. We retaliate, which we shouldn’t have, and we get technicals. I can understand why our players lost their cool, though I wish they hadn’t. The scorn Dicky V. heaped on our players for poor sportsmanship, but not one word from him about Monk taunting us with throat slashes.

From the Louisville newspaper: "Under NCAA rules governing ‘taunting, baiting or ridiculing another player or bench personnel,’ either gesture could have earned Monk a technical foul. Both, however, escaped the notice of the officiating crew and Kentucky coach John Calipari, this despite the latter one being replayed on the video board at Bridgestone Arena.

And more: “The [throat slashing] incident happened in clear view of at least one of the game referees but was ignored. Arkansas players Dusty Hannahs and Moses Kingsley were later hit with flagrant fouls which some attributed to the throat slashing gesture.”

Like I said, the refs created the environment that led to what happened yesterday. I actually think Bielema in his tweet yesterday may have had a point.

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Yep, General, the ref is staring right at him as he taunts our team, and the ref does nothing, but we get technicals (deserved), and Dicky V. says we’re classless. You should save this photo to produce the next time someone tells you you’re paranoid to think the refs would clearly favor our opponent.

I have to say that I was born and raised in Arkansas, but have lived in Northern Kentucky for the past 18 years and have taken an ear full from UK fans the entire time. I have to tell you that UK Basketball fans are no different than Ohio State Football fans - Arrogant pricks. They are the fans that actually have no class and think their team never commits a foul and should win every game every year.
I simply can’t wait until the day comes when the NCAA finds recruiting violations at UK because with Callipari you know the likelihood is great.
They are such a paranoid fan base that they finally hired Callipari when they could’ve hired him much earlier, but didn’t because of the recruiting violations that have followed him throughout his career. So, after a failed hire of coach Gillespie they finally decided to dance with the Devil so that UNC may not surpass them in numbers of national titles.

As for Monk, he’s a very talented player, but honestly he if he felt that he didn’t want to be a Razorback and be a lifelong legend in the mold of Moncrief, Delf, Brewer and Corliss or Portis then so be it.
His antics during the game and in many games I’ve seen him play this season I am glad he chose to go elsewhere because all I see is talent filled with immaturity and he will have to grow up quickly at the next level. I just hope for him that the road he chose works out for him because if it doesn’t he won’t get a free meal or bar tab anywhere in the “Natural State”.
I can’t wait to see them get no further than the sweet 16 in the NCAA Tourney and watch all of big blue nation hold their collective breath praying that UNC doesn’t win the title.

Go Hogs, beat the Pirates!

is there a chance that Doug Shows will officiate the game?

If not, do you think the refs in Memphis will be biased towards KY? I suppose it would be about as fair a venue as anywhere in the country, especially since the crowd should be equal in KY and Hog fans.