Who's Brave Enough??????

Who’s brave enough to predict the game this week? Here goes:

  Hogs---34 (Missed extra point)

Sounds about right. We tend to play down to the competition.


New Mexico State University Las Cruces-17


How can you conclude that we have played down to level of competition over the past 6 seasons?
I think some could say that we have become that level of competition ourselves.
I don’t believe we can make a serious arguement that we have played up to the level of competition consistently over the past 6 seasons, I mean we have the occasional victory over LSU, Auburn and Ole Miss. However, we are now on a 5 or 6 game losing streak to Texas A&M, 10 years of losing to Alabama, Georgia comes to Fayetteville and cleaned our clock. Sure, we beat a very poor Florida Offensive team at home last year and we continue to allow Missouri to beat us more times than not. We haven’t even done well against Miss St. and that will probably be a tough game for our team to win again this season.
I’m a lifelong fan, but the facts don’t change and the playing down arguement just isn’t the case, the facts are that this is just what we are currently, it’s just very sad.
I fully expect we will win tomorrow because we have more talented roster depth across the board than NMST but I do believe they will have some success and put points on the scoreboard.
I’m not one calling for Coach B to be fired right now, but he and his staff have to do a better job of recruiting evealution and preparing these players to compete in the SEC West.

Go Hogs!??

Well, it wont be a shutout, and it will be close for a half… I don’t think they will be able to stop our run game and the play action pass will help us pull away in the 2nd half… we don’t have elite depth especially in the secondary but I believe our pass rush will be just enough to contain them for the victory.

Hogs win 35 -24