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How come we didn’t hear about recruit responses from this weekend like the two other “major” recruiting sites? Is Davenport on another vacation after such extensive 3 articles/week coverage? Is he writing about a 4.8 defensive back from Arkansas who is “suchhhhh a good kid”? Is he writing about the whole town of Monroe, LA with schollies from UA (bogus reporting)? Is he writing about a high school junior who says Arkansas will win NC when he gets there? What a joke


Is there a free trial period by chance?

“PigTrough” may very well soon be on trial here; - - - and, - - if so, - - - - it likely won’t be by chance.

(Don’t get your drawers in a wad; it’s all in good fun.)

Well, unlike you, who signs up with a new online profile so you can ridicule and complain about something, then log into your main profile later without exsposing your true identity; Richard is working on his next article. Obviously, he doesn’t require your input. Nevertheless, you must be oblivious to this, but the writers can see who leaves comments and the profiles that are attached by location, IP address, and subscription fees. Thus, it doesn’t take much to know who you are - butt munch. Grow some nuts and speak your mind by true identity.