FAYETTEVILLE - Let’s cut to the chase [again], shall we? As a Razorback fan for more years than I would care to admit, the continued reference in sports related articles by WHS to the campus whereabouts of the University of Arkansas is not only annoying, but borderline absurd. Who edits this stuff, anyway? Better yet, can someone with alleged knowledge at WHS provide a valid journalistic, literary or even artistic reason why such a seemingly ridiculous reference is necessary or adds in anyway to the content value of the article being written?

Having lived in Texas for many years and across the country beforehand, I cannot recall any sports related publication feeling compelled to describe a well known, flagship university with a specific reference to the location of the school’s campus. For example, there are too many University of Texas branch campuses to name, yet when it comes to any story related to Longhorn sports, there is only one University of Texas - and, most people are smart enough not require a need for such a redundant, dumbed down and almost insulting reference to the Austin campus. :roll:

Aside from the inexplicably “enlightened” brass at WHS and affiliates, I haven’t seen any other publication refer to Razorback sporting programs as the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. In contrast, national publications such as ESPN or reputable regional sports coverage seen from other state newspapers or related sites simply refer to the University of Arkansas when describing Razorback sporting events.

I have no bones to grind with the individual writers and enjoy reading much of their work, yet they seem to have been sheep herded with an unexplainable policy at WHS coming from somewhere afar and/or above. To that end, what a bunch of wholeHOG nonsense, in my opinion, in addition to a fundamentally flawed and unnecessary writing practice, without any apparent reason, whatsoever.

Woo Pig.

As has been explained here (often) the writers are NOT putting that reference in their stories. Some peon of an editor is sticking that reference in all articles that are printed in the paper and thus posted on this site.

I understand that it is annoying, it annoys me. But to my mind, this site has the best reporting about the Razorbacks. I refuse to let the ignorance emanating from Little Rock keep me from enjoying this site.

I have stayed silent on this subject because I agree with Marty that the best reporting of Arkansas sports is on this website. The policy annoys me. What I don’t understand is why only the UofA is singled out–that editors are not doing the same for all the schools in all the stories. I know those are AP sent, but they are cut and sliced as needed, so added Tuscaloosa to Alabama or South Bend to Notre Dame is possible. But I’m not going to stop reading just because they have this policy. I’ll roll my eyes when I see it and go to the next word.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette style guide calls for the University of Arkansas campuses to be referred to individually. For years that style was not enforced on the sports pages, but it is now.

If you want your opinion heard on the subject, I would suggest you write a letter to the editor of the newspaper.

Many thanks, Matt. With that being said, as alluded to earlier, the AD-G guide lends itself to redundant and/or unnecessary content, without any degree of jounalistic value and is stylistically absurd, in my opinion.

Though an undoubted exercise in futility, I will take you up on writing the editor.

And note, that is the editor of the newspaper, NOT the sports editor.

apparently this editorial style edict doesn’t apply to football stories…

if the writers and sports editors do care about the barbarity of this style guide particularity, and stand by the claim that it is an unquestionable decree from the very top, then why not just apply this same rule to the football stories and not allow a single vernacular mention of “Arkansas” as a team or school (as i can find in nearly every football story this week) and replace each of these instances with “The University of Arkansas at Fayetteville,” as it has been so meticulously and offensively written in every basketball story.

if not, how about an honest representation the motivations for the style guide’s enforcement policy?

It applies in each story just once, not with every mention of the school (and it’s still stupid.)

People can nitpick over nothing. Whether it is Arkansas, Razorbacks, U of A or University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, as long as I understand, I don’t give a hoot.

I respectfully disagree, Gay. Anyone in need of beiing told and not understanding the campus whereabouts of the University of Arkansas in reference to Razorback sports, is hopelessly lost to begin with.

As is likely with you, I have followed the Razorbacks my entire life. I also enjoy reading many of the writers on staff at WHS. Having said that, the AD-G’s “style guide” cited above seems arbitrarily in place. It apparently lacks any semblence of legitimate reasoning and promotes both an annoying and poor writing practice, in my opinion.

In the minds of many, including myself, Orville Henry is a past legend with the written word involving Razorback sports. I don’t recall Mr. Henry ever being boot strapped by such stylistic guiding nonsense and reporting about the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.

I’m glad you’re not annoyed by it, but I think you’re nitpicking about it being an annoyance to everyone else. Regardless, I don’t like it because it’s awkward to read. I also don’t like it because it has a certain “in your face” quality to it, especially when it is totally unnecessary for any legitimate purpose. (The ADG’s claim that it’s to clarify which campus or school it’s referring to so international web-site readers won’t be confused is absurd.) There’s a reason they don’t stick the city name behind every other main-state school they reference–it’s dumb, unnecessary, & awkward. If it’s a dumb policy when they refer to Alabama, Texas, Tenn, & every other school, it’s dumb when referring to the UA.

This topic is without a doubt beating a dead horse (as much as that horse DOES need beating) but my 2 cents:

  1. As much as Matt says “no” I have no doubt that the purpose behind it is to minimize the UofA. Some agree with this statement, some don’t. I get it.

  2. As a policy it is the classic example of “form over substance.” For a SPORTS story, where there are for example going to be reference to “Hogs” “Pigs” “Razorbacks” etc. the reference to UofA in question being in Fayetteville is useless. A story about how a certain professor did this or that (or 10,000 other topics) yes, a clarification that you are talking about the UofA in Fayetteville not the one in Little Rock or Pine Bluff, yes makes sense.

  3. If it is necessary when covering the Hogs, it SHOULD be necessary when talking about the University of Florida or LSU, etc. etc. Each one of those has more than one campus. IF it isn’t clear when the “Razorbacks” are playing LSU that it is the University of Arkansas that is in Fayetteville that is playing, isn’t it also just as unclear that the LSU in question is in Baton Rouge? The stated reason for doing this is for clarity and consistency. OK, lets have it.

  4. In looking at what your institution is doing, to see if it makes sense (especially when people are complaining about what you are doing) it is always a good idea to see what other similar institutions are doing. (If ATT adopts some policy that is ticking off a lot a customers, it makes sense for them to see if Sprint or T-Mobile or Version is doing the same thing, if they are, the people complaining are probably just complainers, but if ATT is the only one doing the thing is question, they should at least THINK about if it is a good idea). How others similar organizations are doing something is not “for sure” how you should do it, but it is something to look at. In this case I do not think other major newspapers across the nation are doing this. I don’t think the Tennessee newspapers are referring to UT as “the University of Tennessee - Knoxville.” Etc, Etc.

  5. While it is stupid, I will be shocked if it is changed. Someone way up the chain has decided to do this and have continued to require it even though people have complained. It is a stupid business decision. I am not saying enough people will drop their subscriptions to put the ADG out of business, but some clearly are dropping it (I am dropping mine at home, due to this issue, it is just the only thing I can do to object) but in this day of newspapers struggling, why oh why do something that isn’t journalisticly (is that a word?) necessary that cost you business? Again, not saying they should give up any journalistic ethics, etc. etc. This just isn’t necessary and it is ticking people off. It is stupid and being done by someone acting like a 8 year old “you can’t stop me, na na na.”

Excellent post. True on all counts.

Nailed it, brother. Totally agree.

Keep up the good fight. I would have thought they would have conveniently found a way out of this by now. As it is, it is borderline moronic to clarify in each article the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. Why not go ahead and say the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville West of Dickson Street, or University of Arkansas at Fayetteville at Donald Reynolds Razorback Stadium if they truly wish to clarify? Of all the news publications in the world, WholeHogSports is the last place you would think this would be a debate to persist sooooo pig soooooooooie Long.

Will the day ever come that the Arkansas Democrat & WholeHogSports publish stories with the headline “The University of Arkansas at Fayetteville” vs Notre Dame The shame of it all.

No, no, no, Notre Dame of South Bend.

:smiley: :lol:

My bad… I can see it now. Hogs & Irish both ranked in Top 5 and Keith Jackson calling game on ABC with the following opening:

“Welcome to South Bend, Indiana where we have a battle of two heavyweights #1 ranked Notre Dame of South Bend versus the #2 ranked University of Arkansas at Fayetteville.” :mrgreen:

Matt Jones would disapprove, but I almost toss my cookies every time we are arbitrarily force fed to read the geographic location of the University of Arkansas. What an insane “style guide” policy. Anyone in need of a compass to find a Razorback game somehow bumped their head and concussed in trying to get there. :roll:

And since the editor at the AD-G seems determined to force such an absurd policy upon us, why not take it further? For instance, the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Razorbacks, a pig of a half-wild breed common in the southern US, with the back formed into a high, narrow ridge and the Notre Dame, South Bend, Fighting Irish, a clan of mostly hot headed, Catholics and/or lucky leprechauns will meet for the first time in South Bend, Indiana. Bottom Line: the so-called “policy” promotes redundance and poor writing practices, in my opinion. It’s also annoying.

I enjoy reading most of the writers at WHS, but they seem to have been horse whipped or perhaps hog tied into a style guide policy with absolutely no literary or artisitic value. None.

Good to hear from you, HA. I will play your fourth annual HOG Call later this month, but right now, if the Razorbacks can get through camp and the season with insignificant injuries, I am feeling a positive vibe for the upcoming season.

Take care, brother.

Woo Pig.

I find the reference to the UOA annoying also.I personally believe it’s because the ADG doesn’t care what anyone thinks!They only wonder how many more ads they can sell and the little people,ie.,fans can kiss their whatever, I’m sure it’s doing wonders for their circulation,maybe they can get someone to explain it at the grocery store when their trying to give away their papers.