Who wins the Golden Boot today?

I think LSU more than covers the betting line of 17 and retains the boot. What is your thought?

There is no reason to believe that they won’t cover, everything would have to go Hogs way to win. If we can find some way our D can step up and get some stops this game will be much closer than many think, we have a improved kicking game,special teams and TJ has added spark. It all hinges on what the D does if they get the stops we need confidence and possessions increase on the offense for us, if the D doesn’t step up it will be another long day unfortunately. WPS

Blue Mountain State wins! Book it Dano!!

Our defense hasn’t allowed an SEC opponent to score less than 38 points this season and I can’t see any reason to believe that won’t be the case today at LSU.
I will be watching every second of the game as I always do and hope to see a miraculous performance, but for that to happen I believe we would have to see some new players on the field. Much like TJ Hammonds all of a sudden finds his way onto the field after a year and a half and looks like the best athlete we have to offer, I believe we have others that haven’t been given their opportunities either.
This staff has no idea who their ballers are?
Gregg and Patten should be our primary TE’s, Cantrell is a great blocker so leave him in the backfield to be a lead blocker and pass protect while getting a screen pass occasionally. I would like to see Jalen Merrick at right gaurd during these final few games to see how he plays in live game action.
I believe that we’ve had talent that has come and left because they weren’t given opportunities to prove that they belonged on the football field ahead of some. These departures have made us thin at certain spots with quality depth and you have to have quality depth to compete in the SEC.
Now, we do have a bunch of Louisiana guys on our roster which will give them extra incentive today, which buy the way a great team doesn’t need added motivation to get them up for a game, but since we aren’t a great team we’ll have to settle for that today and hope it’s helpful.

Go Hogs!

Haven’t seen any seen any mountains in Louisiana and never heard of Blue Mountain State, but if that’s somehow a reference to LSU, I’ll certainly agree.

Don’t know that they will, but if LSU gets on a roll early, running the ball, it could get really bad for the Razorbacks. Might even be worse than last year. Just no confidence in our D. And to complicate things even more for the good guys, LSU is pretty salty on D. Just ask Bama.

Have no idea whether LSU will cover, but I do know, even with a very average QB, they are heads and shoulders above the Razorbacks. Or at least that’s my opinion.

It was a tongue in cheek refrence to a fictional football team. Arkansas got blown out last year at home and is a much worse team this year. I expect LSU to hang half a hundred by half.

Thought it would be something like that.

3:55 to go in the first and LSU is not looking good. But we are looking worse.

Third Qtr now and we are fading. Their Offense is running at will on us.

Second half score? 26-3 so far.