Who is Plan B?

Now that we see Gus was using the Hogs to get a better deal from Auburn, who will the next offer go to? I would like to see Venables but I heard Charlie Strong may now be a contender. Does anyone have a clue?


Not happening.

I’d be happy with either.

Venables understands winning and what it takes to win. He was a huge part of the winning at Oklahoma and Clemson. He’s a Broyles Award Winner. He may be ready to change hats from a dc to a hc. Arkansas could be the perfect opportunity for him.Understand he was interested the last time the job was open. Clemson currently has co-offensive coordinators. He could bring one of them with him.
Being the dc of a national championship team that beat Alabama certainly should help him in recruiting.
This guy deserve a chance and why not Arkansas.


I’d be happy with either.
[/quote]. Bo saying might be going for Memphis ad and Norvell.

Larry Culpepper.

Dilly Dilly

Kiffin gets us to the pit of misery.

We are already there.

Yes…dilly dilly.

If we get Larry Culpepper would Dr Pepper’s be free on gameday???

The GOBN may have already waited too long to get either Norvell or Venables. Both of those ships may have now already sailed.

I truly hope not; - - but I fear that such may be the case.