Who is Marty?

Honestly tell me your Bio. I don’t need your name or anything.
But are you some kind of Journalism intern for WHS?
Have you ever played organized sports to what level?
What instrument do you play?
How old are you?

Marty is a very nice person. A great hog fan who supports most all of the sports by donating and attending the games. In my opinion, does a great job as moderator. Wants a civilized board. Has my support 100%

Civilized = No post that may hurt someones feelings… If you can play in the big boy sand box Marty is there to protect you. Oh I am sure he is a really nice guy.

Marty is a great moderator. She was a moderator for HI for years. She has busted my chops a few times, but only when I needed it. She doesn’t go overboard, or even close, IMO. I would much rather have her make decisions about what stays and what goes than any other moderator I have ever dealt with.

Act like an adult and treat others with respect and consideration and there wont be a problem.

If you insist on acting a fool, you will not like this site and should go elsewhere. Simple as that.

So Marty is a girl? That explains it… No offense to girls… But this is I would bet a 90 +% male dominated site. In the old format where you could speak freely and poke fun at writer, posters, players… coaches, etc. Like one would in a locker room setting… It was all good. Now we are moderated by someone who is not “one of the guys” and thinks we all get our feeling hurt if anyone has a discounting opinion and presents in a humorous cutting way…

Her censorship is beyond what is required to make for god interaction. In the past as long as you stayed clean of cursing, political rants, name calling death threats… it was fine. Now if you make fun of Coaches black and white zigzag shirt… you get banned because it may hurt his feelings…

Marty doesn’t make the rules. She enforces the rules. Rules that were not made by her.

You need to drop it. You are acting like a child in this whole thing.

If you have a problem with Marty I suggest you move on to another board. Like another poster said, SHE doesn’t make the rules, just helps to make sure they are followed as well as being very helpful with ANY other issues we may have relating to the board.

Marty does a fine job. If you have a problem with it, maybe it is you that is in the wrong?

You guys had no idea what you invited when you merged WHS onto this board! Even harder to believe is that there was another one worse than him. Haven’t seen him on this board yet.

It’s OK. Our administrators and moderators will clean up the problems. The ones that contribute respectfully will remain. The troublemakers will eventually go away either on their terms or not.

The quality posters we gain will be worth the slight upheaval and growing pains.

It’s obvious that Saintly One is trying to get himself banned. Calling out and attacking the mods for doing their job is a one-way ticket out of here, and it will most likely come from the owner instead of the mods.
The rules are really quite simple: no politics or religion, no personal attacks on posters or players, no profanity.
Any thread that degenerates into name-calling, insults, or generally beating a dead horse is subject to being locked or deleted.
I guess some people think they are above the rules.

Marty is fair and classy. Stomp your feet and get your panties all in a wad, Saintly. It surely will make someone like you feel better.

Lace panties or a thong I wonder?

Wow. Just - - - - - wow. I’m rendered speechless; - - - and that is not a routine occurrence. Why would an obviously very nice person be castigated and ridiculed for supposedly being “too civil” in moving to head off acidic badgering and awkward and unflattering innuendo culminating in acrimonious confrontations which serve no redeeming beneficial purpose whatsoever?


Squeeler? Tell me where my posts offend you? You know my posts no cursing, no name calling, no threats. But if I were to go out on a limb and say we won’t end up ranked in the top 25. That is too much to take.

Squeeler? Tell me where my posts offend you? You know my posts no cursing, no name calling, no threats. But if I were to go out on a limb and say we won’t end up ranked in the top 25. That is too much to take.

That s the issue. I never came close to violating any of the rules you stated. Instead of tossing me under the bus. Have her post what she banned and you be the judge.

Your posts most offend me by your constant negativity. If we’re not in the top 25 year end, I’ll be sure to stay away from ledges, just in case.

You are wrong. Marty rocks. If she deleted a thread, it needed to be deleted. If you disagree, I think you would be happier on another board.