Which HOGS are still with NFL teams & which teams?

Does anyone have access to the information as to which HOGS made the 53 man rosters for each NFL team? If they did not make the 53 man roster how about the practice team (I think that is separate)?

I know there is someone out there with this kind of data… Please step up and share if you have the information. I know Alex Collins, Brandon Allen, and A.J. Derby made their respective teams. I am not sure about others including veterans that are still with some of the teams.

Tretola made the Titans roster.


The website is great. They follow as many Arkansas alums as possible, from minors to pros, the US to Lebanon, Football to track and everything in between. They also keep it pretty amazingly up to date. They’ll normally have NFL stats for the players posted by Monday. Kudos to whomever operates and updates the site.

Thanks hogabroad! Great site. Had not heard of this site. Lots of terrific information.