Which ever team wins that Arkansas plays, those other games they played them earlier, mean ABSOLUTELY nothing, those games are rat poison

NCAA tournament’s are an entirely different game, and both of those teams are not the same team’s Arkansas played before. They’re different, and so is Arkansas. My guess is it will be FL, but anything can happen in March, but FL probably has a few more weapons in their arsenal, that will get them to the Sweet 16. Those other games are rat poison, they mean nothing, if you even have a thought, that is the same team’s you played before, any chance of being one of the 8 best team’s in the nation just went out the door.

Tremendous coaching today by Muss, he had that Razorback D ready to roll against all of those Guards, better than any coach Arkansas has had in any sport really, since Nolan was here. Arkansas probably won’t win a Championship this yr, team’s like Baylor and Gonzaga are out of this world good, I doubt Arkansas can play with the big boys just yet. But Arkansas will win a Championship under this guy eventually, he is fantastic at making in game adjustments. The other day Arkansas was in a fight against Colgate that was hitting on all cylinders early on, but Muss saw that he was way more athletic, went to a full court press, took advantage of his athleticism, and Arkansas blew them out in the end. Just fantastic coaching, Arkansas WILL win a NCAA Championship again under this guy… Excuse any typos, I’m not proof reading this, because Jeremy is a moron, I have better things to do…

Oral Roberts hasn’t really won a rebounding game all yr, which tells you they win with heart and effort, get off to very fast starts, and frustrate teams, as good as anyone in the nation. Arkansas will have to have a tremendous couple days of practice, to get ready for this team. No one plays harder than they do in the nation, their effort and desire is second to none.

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