where's Wally?

We’re a power run team that often throws it better than we run it. We also don’t play very good defense, which seems to be a permanent issue at Arkansas.

Perhaps in the future when we’re inside the 2 yard line we should take a penalty to back us up. That may give us a better chance of scoring a touchdown. Also, where was Wally, the defensive analyst, who was hired to help with the offense? I think there was also an offensive analyst that was hired to help with the defense. Is there any way that I could get hired to be an analyst? I could receive a paycheck for making no difference as well as Wally and the other guy could. Coaching is overrated. We need better players. Not more coaches. CBB is not recruiting well enough.

Bielema has not recruited adequately along the offensive line. That was verified by their own movements when they in desperation took a highly touted defensive lineman this spring and stuck him on the O Line. Not a wise move to expect an SEC type starter doing that with a player who has always been on defense. It was all shown as a very crucial weakness in the game tonight. Don’t think all defensive coaches around the SEC who will soon be opponents failed to take notice. The Alabama’s & LSU’s around the SEC plug in replacements for lost lineman like new light bulbs every season. Arkansas is presently far from being in that classification. Games in the SEC are constantly won & lost along the offensive & defensive lines just like tonight. This all does not look good for the Hogs this year.

I agree about games being won along the lines. A team that can run through even the best teams effectively, while being able to physically dominate on defense is what I’ve been hoping for from CBB. However, we at times can barely run it between the tackles, and defensively we give up massive plays with opposing players almost jogging untouched up the middle. If we had an unlimited number of downs from the one yard line, I wonder how many plays it would take us to get it in the end zone. And this is supposed to be a power run type of team. We’re an inch and an improbable field goal block from being 1-3, and we’ve just gotten soundly beaten by the first really good team we’ve played. I’m not saying we are bad or that we won’t win some games going forward, but it looks as of now that we’re not as good as even the previous two seasons. We needed to keep moving up. Not take a step back. We almost look like one of those finesse spread teams who can’t stop anybody. That’s not what I’ve been hoping for.

I think football on the college level and even in the Pros is very much a motivation & momentum type thing. There has been scientific studies concerning that and I feel they are well justified. You take these 300 pound plus men that can lift 400 pounds multiple times and a lot of what is going out on a football field is between their ears. When Arkansas started being stood up on those short yardage goal line attempts even once with a new set of downs by penalty in the first half, then on that fourth down odd reverse attempt early in the third quarter to tie. I think it was just like a balloon popping on the momentum & motivational front. The wheels came off everywhere after that both defensively & offensively. I see those QB’s doing all that running damage. Where are the blitz packages by DB’s occasionally on apparent passing downs. Nail him back there a time or two might take some of that feistiness out of him. Arkansas is probably going to see a lot of that against them in the SEC. Our defense is way too conservative.

Have you not been reading. CBB is a fantastic coach, the players like him. Just look how lost Wisconsin is since he left. He recruits his guys and they are good kids. Just wait til next year!

You do realize that until this year, Wisconsin hadn’t done much since he left and it took one of Bret’s old assistant coaches to do it, right?

Call me crazy… I’m m sure some will… but I think at this point in the season this is the most optimistic I’ve been about one of CBBs teams since he’s been here. Yes we lost the game…gave up too many big plays late in the game… did not perform well in the red zone… but think back to the past few years. Our offense has things to address but they seem more manageable than in past years (and each yr they improved greatly from this point in the season). Our defense also has issues to address but I’ve never seen DL and secondary talent this deep on our team. We lost to a talent d team… and yet we really beat ourselves… which is fixable. We have a QB that is a keeper and a team that believes in him. Let’s pump the breaks a bit. The sky is not falling and the season has just started. CBB and this team need to look in the mirror, address issues from this game and get back to work…one brick at a time… and I’m sure they will. Go Hogs!

He was posting sarcastically. The fact that one of his old assistants is fixing it does NOTHING for him. It just implies that he owes a portion of his success to that assistant. Like I have been saying left up to him we wouldnt win a single game. The guys a dud.

Problem is that when Bert took this job (FOUR LONG YEARS AGO) he promised that his teams would NEVER beat themselves. FOUR years later and they are still doing just that. The man thinks if he plays keep away with the ball he will win. Time of possession is meaningless folks. You have to coach your team to score every time they can. Not hold onto the ball bc you are scared of the opponent. Bert needs to go. How do people not see this ? What are you watching ? Bobby was going 21-5 during this time against similliar comp. IF Bert can’t accomplish what Bobby did then he’s not as good. If he’s not as good why should the fans settle ?

I’m done settling I want Jeff and the gobn gone.