Where are they when you need them?

Where are the great pitchers and hitters when you need them? Another bad game managed by Van Horn?

Bad game all around, players looked like they were just going through the motions, but no real urgency or fire. Maybe they weren’t prepared properly, maybe they thought MO State was a gimme, maybe just coincidentally a bad day on the same day for multiple players. Any number of reasons. They made the MO State starting pitcher look like a beast on the mound, and maybe he really was. They did start to pick up at the end, and then the bogus strike call on a batter hit by pitch. I understand it would be hard for the ump to see hitting on the back leg like it did, but don’t they have replay he can go to in college baseball? Lesson learned, don’t leave it up to the ump in the bottom of the ninth.

I said this on another board, and I’ll say it on here. I live 30 mins from MSU’s campus. The news has been all over this Regional up here. The last time Missouri St made the Regional, it was in Fayetteville, and AR put them out: Revenge. This year all three teams in this Regional beat Missouri St during the regular season: Revenge and Redemption. All I’ve seen from AR sports guys (sorry to the ones on this board) has been how AR actually has a favorable Regional, who we would face in the Super Regional. As a matter of fact someone indicated ORU would be a tougher team than Mizzou St. Guess someone forgot to tell the Bears.

When a team has a chip on their shoulder, they’re dangerous, especially if everyone is overlooking them. I bet no one is anymore.

Anybody who thought this regional was easy is not very smart. ORU is not a normal 4 seed, not with the arms they have. Oklahoma State was on a roll coming into the regional, and Missouri State is an excellent program. I was concerned about last night’s game and became even more concerned when I heard ORU had saved its best pitcher for today’s game. Winning three straight in this regional is doable, but not envious.

Well, the Hogs finally got some timely hitting against Mo St but the pitching was still not very good. Hogs don’t have any real shut down guys in the bullpen or at least I’ve not seen any. I would like to hear from some of you in the know fans, who will be available to pitch today. Who do they have to start?

Van Horn can use every pitcher on the roster today. There is no tomorrow, but our staffis thinner than theirs since we played another game yesterday. But I got news for you, coaches cannot hit the curve or field the grounders and no coach in the history of sports has ever played a single play in any game. To say it is poor coaching when your team loses is plain stupid.
Coaches coach, players play and some coaches do get more from players than others but it is not generally the coach who wins or loses any game. The more successful coaches in general have the best players in any sport.

I don’t get all of the “bad coaching by Van Horn” remarks here and other social media sites.
Bad Coaching doesn’t get your team in a regional and pulling off a marathon game in the rain against a really good opponent.
Putting pinch runners on base at the right times & putting players in games that nobody suspects will get that much needed hit or even better a HR I would say is pretty darn good coaching, but that is just me.

My question would be about his choice of pitchers used from the bullpen the last few games. It appears there are a couple that seem to have problems every time they come in and I will not call any names since I’m not qualified to go that far. My comment was really a question about what others thought of some of his decisions. I do think he is a very good coach and really did a great job compared to last year. Great coaches can make mistakes just like anyone can.

Sure, they can, Reddie. We’re all human after all. I am not qualified to question any decision he has made. The same coach who made the decision to play Gates and stay with Gates at third even when he had thoughts of pulling him is the same coach who makes those pitching decisions.

Two of our better pitchers went down with season ending injuries. What would you have Van Horn do convert a walk-on backup catcher to a pitcher and bring him outta the bullpen?

Hitters were no where to be found tonight!!! Hogs get beat by a better team.


Yes, OB. How would you spin it?


i think the pitchers performed admirably for a depleted staff, usually only making 1 real mistake can be overcame by a lineup like ours. but our hitters didnt show up last night. the most glaring example was in the 6th inning when we have men on 2nd n 3rd with 0 outs and we get zilch. Bonfield goes to 3-2 count and chases ball 4 way outside, then Fletcher has an undisciplined at bat and Biggers pops up first pitch. all we needed was 2 grounders to middle infielders to tie game. i guess thats why hitting a round ball coming at 90mph with a round bat is so hard. what could of been

Agree with you Big rob!