When will I ever learn.

I’ve grown accustom to how things work out for us. I knew the moment Long was fired that the “powers that be” would make a play to get Gus to come home. Maybe they really had some back door confirmation that Gus would come. You’d at least like to think so before they fired the AD.

Now to be very clear. I’ve never been a big Gus fan. Nor have I been a Gus hater. I try and be supportive of whoever OUR coach is at the time. But I have to admit I was starting to “buy in” to the scenario of the homegrown guy coming back home to Arkansas. To come home for love of his home state and not simply for money. And maybe, just maybe, his love of Arkansas might shine enough that the fans might forget about the past, come together, and embrace him. That maybe with a united fan base and solid homegrown coach, we might reclaim our standing in the college football world. I allowed myself to believe for a moment that somehow the “powers that be” might just get something right. Kind of made sense to me.

So it makes perfect sense to me that we will whiff on Gus and probably Norvell as well. For whatever reason, ARKANSAS can’t seem to ever get it right. And the few times in the last 25 years we look like we’re trending in the right direction somehow, someway, we find ways to fail. And we seem to find ways to make ourselves look kind of stupid in the process. “We” being the Administrations, coaches, and yes… even the fans. I shouldn’t have to remind anyone about the Nolan fiasco, motorcycles and mistresses, FOI requests, banners, etc.

So I guess I’ve become jaded. I knew Auburn would win today. Why? because it would have been so much easier for Arkansas if they’d lost. Because Arkansas needed Bama to win. Because I started to buy in to the possibility that maybe it was possible to have something good occur. That maybe the “powers that be” would actually get their man and actually get something right. What was I thinking? It hasn’t happened smoothly before. Why would they magically get it right now.

Gus will win the SEC championship and probably the National Championship. Why? Because Arkansas needed him not to. Seems par for the course for Razorback Nation

Agreed…everything you stated sums up where I am as a fan. Im just tired of the stupidity that has become Arkansas Football and it’s delusional fans.

I think there are a lot of fans that feel the same way you do, me being one of them. I posted yesterday that I thought the Hogs would have to dip deep in the barrel to find another coach. If there is no behind the scene deal with Gus, the Hogs are in trouble and I don’t see him leaving Auburn now. We may end up with a fifth or sixth choice or worse.

You should be writing obituaries in a local paper, that’s the saddest thing I’ve read in yrs… Dude, it’s a game, have fun, cheer up, if we win awesome, if we lose, try better next time, that’s all.

WTH guys!

We were all sick and tired of losing, losing and more losing under Bielema, so I feel there are not just 1 or 2 coaches around that can lead us to a better place than where we’ve recently been. For goodness sakes, coaches have enormous egos and we won’t have any trouble finding one of those egomaniacs that wants the opportunity to coach in the best conference in college football. Plus, if it’s a guy coming up from a non Power 5 school or a Coordinator he will earn the type of paycheck in one contract of 4 years that would take him 20 years to earn at a lower level HC position or even a Power 5 Coordinator position.

The Gus train may have just left the station, but I believe we can and will find a coach that wants to be at Arkansas and give 100% toward building a competent staff, improve recruiting and ultimately winning!

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Wow… haven’t seen a good comment here in a long long time.

Yes… Arkansas football futility is not only the administration’s fault, it’s the fans, delusional fans as you said and the HOMERS as I called them.

The program will only get better if the fans demand excellence, not make excuses (stupid excuses) for a loser.
How many times did we see these homers explained that losses were a result of coach Petrino’s inability to recruit ?
How many times did we see how they touted CBB as God when we landed a 4* recruit, and dismissed the STARs as un-needed when we landed a 3* and lost a 5* to other program? Frustrating.

Look at Florida, they fired a coach who won the last 2 SEC-East championship; look at Georgia, they fired a coach who had two 10-wins seasons… and here in Arkansas we have fans defending a loser who has been so bad and seemed not knowing what the hell he’s doing.
Another thing I saw in here is that some fans believed that fans have to be loyal to the coach !!! No, we are not. We are loyal to the program and not the coach. Coaches nowadays are no better than used-cars salesmen. They will jump ship when have better opportunities… and so do we. We pay them good money and we expect great result. If they do not deliver… fire them as quickly as possible. Do not make excuses.

That’s Right!

All this Crying, Moaning, and We Can’t Do This and We Can’t Do That, is better left at the Funeral Home and Cemetarie’s.

Buck Up and don’t Fall in Love with your Next Coach, based on, “We’re Almost There”, “Just A Little Bit More Time”, bunch of Junk.

Coach’s and Staff are paid to Win Game’s, that’s it. If the Coach wasn’t being paid then he wouldn’t be there in the First Place.

Win You Stay, Lose ~ Hit The Road Jack.