What's up y'all!

Welcome to the new site all you HI.com folk. Thanks for having us all you WHS folk!
Happy to be here!

I wish I could read the premium boards. Guess there’s gonna me a lot of trial and working out the kinks.

Scott, you should be able to read the premium board until Aug. 1. Please let me know if you are not able.

I’m here! WPS

I wish I could read the premium boards

…I guess I’ll jump right in with the 1st round of slop…how many wins this year for the pigskin hogs?

Looking at the shoes needed filling at QB, RB, OL, etc. If we get 7 wins I will be very happy.

What are you thinking?

Again, you should be able to read the premium boards regardless of subscription until Aug. 1. Please let me know if you are unable.

Hm… kinda like going thru the transporter the first time! Glad to be here though.

I’m thinking 8 regular season wins are possible. I feel like we need that to show progress year-over-year.

It all depends on A.A. I think…and if we manage to beat the tide this year…8 or 9 I think.

Ole Miss and L’stinkingU are looking for payback.

At the risk of perhaps making a nuisance of myself, please forgive my once more proclamation of great joy and bubbling gratitude for my gracious acceptance to this great board. I’m 70 years of age. I was privileged to witness the exploits of “Lighthorse” Harry Lee in person when I was very young. I saw Bill Montgomery, Barry Switzer and Jerry Jones play in person. I also was in attendance to see Joe Ferguson, Dickey Morton and crew do what they did so well.

I am a dyed-in-the-wool Razorbacks fan, and I am blessed. God bless all. Woo, Pig, SOOIE!!!

I think maybe 8 or 9 depending on AA’s development and maturity. Defense looks pretty solid. OL still needs to gell though. La Tech is no push over. TCU and A&M will be our early barometer for
eval…if we arrive at the Tide game 5-0 things will get very interesting!

If The Hogs should win eleven
I’ll think I have gone to heaven
If Hogs wins should total ten
I shall sport a massive grin
If the W’s are nine
I suppose that I’ll be fine
Should our triumphs total eight
I shall mark it up to fate
Should we squeak out only seven
I shall pray for strength from heaven
Should we eke out six or less
“Heads would roll” would be my guess