What if Arkansas ends up paying out 8-9 million dollars annually and collectively on football coaching salaries, assuming that Morris is able to secure high-powered (and high-dollar) defensive help? In light of the contract buyout on Bielema, what if Arkansas experiences several succeeding W-L records of 5-7 or 6-6 over the course of the next 2 or 3 seasons? How would that reality affect the financial well-being of the Razorback program, all aspects considered, should massive disillusionment and subsequent fan apathy take a massive toll on ticket and merchandise sales?

How far in the hole would be too far to dig out from?

I’m not a “Negative Nelly”; I’m simply a concerned Hogs fan. I don’t care how deep booster pockets might be; there is a finite limit to an escalating financial boondoggle. At some point, if the football program does not undergo significant improvement - with a sharply-increasing success rate - the financial attrition rate will become unsustainable. That is simply an exercise in Economics 101.

I believe that Chad Morris was an excellent hire; but he can’t do it all by himself. Super-expensive help - with far-too-little favorable results stemming from that expensive, “top quality” help - could prove to be our undoing. I truly hope and pray that this dark and dreary scenario doesn’t prove to be the case. We can ill afford it.

It is hard to know how much is too much. The inflation of coach salaries seems endless. There must be a ceiling, but it hasn’t been hit yet. When the TV money begins to lessen, it might happen, but meanwhile …
We have seen head coach salaries rocket up. Now the assistants are beginning to earn salaries that would have been fit for any head coach just a few years ago.

Right now, we are willing to pay whatever it takes to be successful. Only time will tell if we will be. But I agree the time is coming when we can no longer just throw money at coaches and hope for the best.

When the rate of excess begins to encroach on the profit margin of the athletic department. If you see that revenue number begin to decline, then you’ll know our school has reached excess, or maximum cost totality. Upon which, the department will look to reduce headcount of athletic staff. Not coaches, but others first. Then they’ll look to see about the contracts for pay-to-play (small schools playing the Hogs); and they’ll start getting that contract number lower; which, in turn hurts another school in the process. Then, when these happen, you know the economy is already in a recession because college profitability numbers are lagging indicators.

We also don’t know if the athletic department has an outside money management company that can increase returns at a larger than normal rate. Such as what I do. I get to take extreme trading risks to achieve ultimate returns. It means the accounts i trade can be down 30% in a day, but the more you the play my game, the more the return you get. Hence, I’m averaging 48% annually for almost ten years now. These are all for corporate and foundations, but these are small portions or their portfolios too. Not everyone can take 1/2 their portfolio and play these kinds of games.

Nevertheless, if the foundation does have this type of strategy then maybe that company is able to increase their returns to offset the declines in revenue.

If we experience another dose of mediocrity or worse under Chad Morris, then we need to evaluate the efficacy of our entire football program as a part of being in the SEC West. In my view, Jeff Long created a cultural climate where mediocrity (or worse) is ok so long as we play by the rules. He seemed to espouse two paradigms for Arkansas athletics. We can win if we cheat or we can lose with honor by not cheating. A third paradigm of winning and playing by the rules was simply not within our grasp for a variety of different reasons. Hopefully, Chad Morris can harken back to his high school days by being resourceful enough to recognize that we are going to have to be competitive without a bunch of 5 stars on the roster. Time will tell if we can break the weak cultural mentality that Long had cultivated in our athletic department.

I personally think that this is a Turning Point for Arkansas Football. It’s finally come home, that this is not SWC Football anymore, and that the SEC is for Real.

SEC Football is Dog Eat Dog, Whoop or Be Whooped, and it’s not get your Feet Wet, and see if you like the Water, but Rather Jump in, Swim or Drown.

To compete in the SEC, You’ve got to Do Whatever it Take’s Bar Nothing, within the Guideline’s.

Once You Decide whether You want to Eat or Be Eaten, then in the SEC, there is only ONE Choice, ALL OR Nothing.

Win Conference Game’s, and the Bowl Game Money Flow’s, TV/Advertiseing Money Flow’s, Talent Beat’s down the Door, and all this Hind Site will all be forgotten.


Forget about the Past Now, Lesson Learned, and Let’s start Winning in Conference.

I agree because I want to see the Razorbacks rise up and meet the SEC challenge because of its greatness as a conference. Unfortunately, if the brass don’t want it what we want doesn’t matter. Fortunately, with Long’s departure there seems to be a new found desire to step it up and really compete on a high level. I am hopeful that Chad Morris can have some success to breath new life into our football program. We deserve it as much or more than any other fan base in the conference.

The first thing that needs to change is our negative fan base! There has to be something positive taken from every game we play!
To compete you have to believe as coaches, players and fans.

Hey, we been in the SEC for 25 years, yes I said 25 years…if we don’t after what it takes to win after a quarter of a century, we need to change conferences.

I had to look that up, and couldn’t believe that Arkansas joined the SEC back in 1992. Amazing, it just doesn’t seem that long ago.

I think just about every team in the SEC has had Dry Spell’s.

As the year’s have rolled by, The conference’s have gotten better, and the Bowl Money’s have gotten bigger, as it should be.

I expect Arkansas should show a marked improvement, even in the 1st year, and within 3 year’s to be at or above average in the SEC.

I expect Arkansas to pull out a Bowl Slot in the SEC next year, and the extra money sure won’t hurt recruiting.

I haven’t given up on Arkansas in the SEC, and I believe that Arkansas will pull out of this Slump. If not then a New Leadership. I remember when Alabama was in a Slump, and went through UmpTeen New Coach’s over a short period, till they got a Winning Combination.

Don’t jump ship until several attempt’s have been made. At any rate does The Razorback’s have any other real Southern Conference to go to?

Root Hog or Die, and You’ll be just fine in the SEC.

Go Hog’s.

Agree with your post. I believe Coach Morris will get the job done, but only time will tell. We need the Texas connection and he has it. Our great teams from the past had several Texas kids. I’m looking forward to next season. WPS