What was up with the lack of concessions

Does anyone know why the concession availability was so awful yesterday?
Yesterday’s game was the worst I’ve attended anywhere in relation to the concessions. The lines were crazy (hour long lines) and there was absolutely no one selling concessions in the stands. I had binoculars with me and I searched the whole stadium and couldn’t see a single concession worker in the stands. I asked a stadium info dude in yellow what was up but he had no idea. I know the attendance was up but this was horrible.

Is that part of the out of state folks that got the bid? Well it matches the product on the field.

Everyone was a no show!!

Well, I got an e-mail promising that that would be fixed at the next home game…we’ll see. I was extremely disappointed at the way the concessions were managed. Also the parking situation needs some work…as usual. Took forever to get out of the parking lot after the game.