What part of IGNORE does HI not understand?

When you ignore an harasser poster on this site, seems like HI won’t really allow you to ignore them? They constantly bombard you with the posts by the ignored poster and damn near beg you to look at it asking if you wish to display the post; all the while they have self professed righteousness about censorship and keeping it clean.

I get something like 10 times a day. If site is truly being monitored, one would think that would be fixed by now.

On the WHS site blocked No means “No!!!” with HI it is as if it means “why can’t can’t you deal with it and enjoy it?”

If I have done something wrong, please tell me what I should stop doing or simply ban me, if not please protect me from harassment.

Maybe they want you to go to the Louisville board where you belong?

I use to get 15-20 hits a day on my YouTube/Google+ alert button. After many months of that, I just got tired of going all over YouTube and Google+ responding to them. I also got tired of posting on a Google+ site trying to entertain 847 Followers at my height. I just ignored everything. The alert button went to 100 and stuck. It was haywire for several months after that. At the present time I get about two alerts on YouTube a week and I STILL ignore them. This dude is on another planet. Probably ran by Bobby P. Flash.