What is the expected attendance for the Georgia Southern game?

After the ut game, are we expecting large & near sell-out games at RRS for the GA So game & throughout remainder of this season? If so, hopefully that will give the AD some financial relief after last year’s shutdown. We were planning to drive up this Saturday for this game & future games & were surprised B&B & hotel options are so limited for non-conference.

I have no idea, but before the season I would have expected a few less than were at Rice. But with the excitement of beating Texas, maybe it will be better than that. No way it is nearly as many as last week.

I am going to guess: 62,000

It isn’t (as of now) supposed to rain. It isn’t going to be nearly as hot as the Rice game. I am going to be there using all 4 of my tickets!

58k is my guess, although it’s Parents Weekend. I just think three weekends in a row eliminates some from making a third straight up the Hill.

With a 3 PM kick-off & 86 degree forecast, RRS will be toasty. Had planned to buy tickets outside the stadium. Otherwise spending most the weekend house shopping in NWA.

You’ll have better luck finding tickets, lol.

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I couldn’t give away my extra Rice tix. I sold my extras this week with no problem, and even my LR tix because my son has soccer games that day. Last week’s win certainly boosted demand.

I bet this is better than Rice. As mentioned, it’s Dad’s Weekend (there was a good amount in downtown Fayetteville last night) and that Rice game was Labor Day weekend (a lot of people doing last summer trips instead of baking in 92-degree heat for a 1 pm kickoff).

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