What is status of Coach Zimmerman from last year?

Matt Zimmerman has fallen off the charts. Last Google I read showed his status at “end” of last year’s BB season and nothing new as to his new job or even if still at the U of A in some capacity. Thanks info update. I may have missed this subject matter elsewhere and, if so, I’m sorry.
I know the U of A has a NEW side broadcaster/analyst for Chuck Barrett. Should be a different situation on the sideline broadcast this coming BB year! LOL

Coach Zimmerman will do the radio broadcasts in basketball season with Chuck Barrett. He told me there were some high school coaching jobs that were available, but he’d have to move. He wants to stay in Northwest Arkansas. He was the spotter on the football broadcast yesterday.

Thank you Clay.
That seems reasonable, not employed perhaps as a full time associate type coach but getting paid a little perhaps for doing the game analysis comments. Guess he is paid by the radio station, etc and not by the U of A. Anyway, thank you for the update.