What is going on??????????

I thought an AD was to be announced today!!! No AD and I can’t find any word on it. U of A trying to out do UT on dumpster fire??? Everything has gone quiet on HC search. Does anyone have any idea what is going on? I hope this push to hire Gus doesn’t backfire on Hogs and they end up losing a good coach.


What it means is that KNWA got WAY ahead of themselves. As Matt reported here yesterday, WHS was holding off on that because they couldn’t confirm the story. That’s the reason that I’m on this site, they get confirmation before reporting.

Marty what’s your opinion on who the HC will be and a time line?

Next Wednesday, unless the idiots we think are in charge are still in charge, and they’ll be dumb enough to wait til mid January and then boom, we are the laughing stock of college football and Rhoades is our interim.

With CBB’s buyout of $11m+ and JL’s of $5m, can the Hogs even think about paying Gus the amount it would take to pull him from Auburn and still have money for top notch assistants? Maybe CBB’s finalized buyout caught them off guard and they are afraid to make a move. I’m sure the games this week end is the main reason for the holdup on the HC but that should not hinder the hiring of an AD. ???

I have no clue, I’m just as much in the dark as everyone else. I HOPE there is a new AD quickly and then they can move on to hiring a coach.
One of my biggest concerns in all of this, has been the number of openings around the country and particularly in the SEC.

Openings in SEC

Ole Miss - Filled
Miss State - Filled
Texas A&M - Filled
Florida - Filled

Tennessee HC -Open
Arkansas AD and HC -Open

Crazy that Arkansas and Tennessee are the only programs that cannot seem to get things done.

Ummm…I thought Fat Phil is the new TN AD.

ESPN reported today the terms of Bielema’s buyout at 11 million while also stating that the University has turned its focus on the possibility of hiring Gus Malzahn as its next football coach.

Based on that reporting, if those in charge don’t have an agreement behind the scenes locked in with Gus to return home to take the helm of the Razorbacks then we are in for an embarrassing situation.

Having said that, I’m still optimistic that we can still hire a quality head coach if Gus ultimately decides not to take the job as Head Hog.
Coaches such as Mike Norvell, Brent Venables, Neal Brown, Jeremy Pruitt, Seth Littrell, possibly Mike Leach, Chad Morris and even Lane Kiffin (least of my personal choice) are all viable options that could be seen as positive and legitimate hires.

I just hope that fans don’t feel that the fate of our program rests solely with the hire of Gus Malzahn or bust, I just just not see it that way.

Go Hogs!


SMU COMBO: Rick Hart AD Chad Morris HC

Just a thought