What do you know, Kentucky....

Not being pampered by the refs and are struggling against Witchita State… who would of thought?

Greaseball better make a call at halftime and try and get that corrected!

Greaseball forget to pay them off! It would be nice to see them play until midnight. OT after OT. They are not shooting well either.

Malik key

Fox is the straw that stirs the drink for UK, then Bam. Monk is the shooter. If Fox and Bam are controlled, Monk won’t be able to save them.

Actually, a no call on the Francamp baseline layup that was obvious to everyone except for the referees cost the Shockers 2 points that proved to be critical on the last possession of the game when they should’ve been down 1, not 3.
That 2 point gap changed the entire last play for the Shockers who were forced to try and go for a 3 instead of playing a normal offensive set where a 2 would win the game or be able to drive and possibly force a foul on Kentucky sending them to the foul line to shoot free throws that could have either tied or put them ahead with little time left on the clock.

After watching the Tourney this year and all of the critical missed calls, wrong calls and no calls I think that the NCAA should seriously take a look at replay or coaches getting a few challenges per game in order to right the wrongs and get the calls correct.
The college game is not a lengthy process, I mean football has a replay, baseball has instituted coaches challenges and even tennis and the Little League World Series has replay challenges. I believe the players deserve the opportunity to get critical calls or no calls corrected during the game and not hear from the NCAA once the game is over that a call was incorrectly made that may have impacted the eventual loss.
They already change points from the 3 point line after the fact based upon replay so it can be done and it should be done sooner than later.
Northwesterns season was changed forever due to a missed clear goaltending no call which led to a 4 point swing in their opponents favor tha should’ve never been the case.
Likewise, the no traveling, charging, blocking call towards the end of the Hogs vs Tar Heels game had a huge impact on our ability to keep the game to a one possession game not to mention the overall obvious disparity in fouls called throughout the game which saw UNC shooting 25 foul shots to a mere 10 for the Hogs. We never even got into a bonus 1 and 1 foul shooting position in either half of the game while UNC did so in both halfs.
The NCAA needs to fix this I the off season to protect the integrity of the game.